Collishaw John 1729 of Hickling will

John Collishaw of Hickling 1729 Will

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/6/3

There is one large and other smaller holes in this will and also much of it is illegible due, probably, to water damage

In the Name of God Amen I John Collishaw senior of Hickling the County of Nottingham yeoman being in perfect mind [word or two missing, probably “and remembrance”] Blessed be god for it do make and ordain this [word or two missing, probably “my last will and”] testament in manner as followeth

Imprimis I give my soul into the hands of almighty [three or four words missing, probably “God trusting in”] the merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer [three or four words missing] body to be decently buried in Hickling [three or four words missing] charge of my Executor hereafter [three or four words missing] my worldly estate as god hath been pleased to [two or three words missing] I give and bequeath in the following manner [a word or two missing]

Itm I give and bequeath to my loving son Ed[ward? and another word or two missing] one close which I bought of Daniel Daft to [couple of words missing, probably “him and his”] heirs for ever.

Itm I give to my grandson John Collishaw [word missing, probably “one”] shilling to be paid within twelve months after my [one word missing, probably “decease”]

Itm I give to my grandson Richard Collishaw son of Edward Collishaw one oxgang of land lying in Hickling [word missing, does not appear to be “aforesaid”] to him and his heirs for ever, but if my grandson John Collishaw shall die before he comes to enter upon that estate that he is heir to belonging to his father and [word missing] Collishaw become heir of that estate then it [probably “is my will”] that Edward Collishaw my grandson shall [two or three words missing] oxgang of land above mentioned or if my [two or three words missing] Richard Collishaw shall die leaving no issue [two or three words missing] Edward Collishaw my grandson shall [three or four words missing] to him and his heirs for ever without [three or four words missing]

Itm I give to the poor of Hickling five [three or four words missing] to be given in bread upon Saint [four or five words missing] hereafter mentioned and so to [three or four words missing]

Lastly my legacies being paid and my funeral [word missing, probably “discharged”] I do make my loving son Edward Collishaw [word missing, probably “Executor”] of all my goods and chattels

Revoking all other wills and testaments heretofore made [word or two missing] in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and [word missing, probably “seal”] this third day of January in the year of our Lord 1726/7

                                                                                                         John Collishaw

[Details of witnessing of will almost all missing, one witness is …ll [possibly Daniel] Daft, also William Wait and someone with surname Hudson]

Bond partly missing and largely water damaged but the bounden persons are Edward Collishaw and Samuel Morley of Hickling and the year of the bond is 1729

                                                                                                         Edward Collishaw

                                                                                                         Samuel Morely