Collington John 1565 of Scalford Will

John Collington of Scalford 1565 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/256 and PR/T/1565/52

In dei Noie Amen the xxviith daye of March in the yere of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Quene Elizabethe by the grace of god quene of England France and Ireland defender of the faithe &c I John Collington of Scalford within the Countie of Leicester husbandman being hole & of a perfecte memorie do make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in maner & forme folowinge

Fyrst I bequiethe my soule to allmightie god and my bodye to the ground whereof ytt came

Also I do give and bequiethe to my wyfe Katherine the half of all my goods with in the howse that is to saye brasse Pewter Lomes bedding linninge and wollinge with the resydewe of the furniture that belongethe to my howse all maner of graine excepted

Also I do give her thre of my best kyne that I have two quarters of Barlye to be payde presentlye

Also I do gyve unto her during the terme of Sixe yeres every yere one quarter of Malte

Also I gyve unto my wyfe Sixe Lambe hoggs & fower ewes and Lambes

Also I gyve unto my dawghter Elzabethe iii li vis viiid to be pd unto her at the one and Twentie yeres of her age And yf she Marry before to be pd unto her at the daye of her marryage

Also I gyve unto my dawghter Agnes iii li vis viiid to be pd to her at the one and twentie yeres of her age and yf she marry before to be pd unto her at the daye of her maryage and this to be for there childes partes

Also I give unto my sonne Thomas Collington vi li xiiis iiiid to be pd unto him at the one & Twentie yeres of his age

Also I give unto my sonne John Collington vi li xiiis iiiid to be payd unto him at the one & twentie yeres of his age

But yf in case any of my said children that ys to say Thomas John Elizabeth and Agnes do decease before the terme & yeres expressed I will that his or her parte or partes be equally devyded amonge the resydew that dothe survive and in case they all dye I will that my sonne Hewe Collington shall have there porcons

Also I will that my wyfe shall have the kytchin and the parlour next to yt and also rowme to sett the kyne in the yerde with egress and regresse and also thre loades of hay and thre neate pastours & every yere during the terme of Sixe yeres one lode of Coles Provyded that she paye for them at the pitts and also yf she remaine unmaryed provided allwaies that my sonne Hewe shall have egresse & regresse into the chambre and kitchin at all times

All the resydewe of my goods unbequiethed or nott gyven my detts payd and my body browght to the ground and my legacies performed I gyve unto my sonne Hewe Collington whom I do make and constitute my full executor and to se this my Last will performed I do make Ralf Segrave gent Supervisor of this my will and he to have for his paines xs

Witnesses hereof Ralf Segrave gentleman Xpofer Bardsey clerke Nicholas Hardby and James Waydsonne with other mo

Probate 7 April 1565

PR/I/3 page 169/104

Ano dni 1565

This the Invitorye of all the goodes and chattylell of John Collingtonne of Scalford husbandman taken and prised by Raffe Segrave gentleman John Watsonne yeoman Hewe Mussonne Wyllm Carpenter Thomas Mussone the fourthe day of Aprill

The Hall 
Imprimis one table two formes & two allmeries with other stolesxs
Sixe platters four pewter dishes and vi porringersvis
Two chauffing dishes two candlestyckes and one latten basen the fire iron a payre 
of tonges a payre of potte hookesiiis viiid
Two great pannes two kytles … potte a bruinge leadxxiiiis
The parlour 
Foure matresses five coverlets two boulsters one fedder bead thre pillowes four 
bedsteads  xxxvis iiiid
Thre table clothes & two longe two longe … tenne napkins five payre of flaxen shete 
vi payre of hardenxxxvs iiiid
Thre coffersvis viiid
His raymentvis viiid
The ketchin 
Tenne bacon flexesxxvis viiid
Two tubes two lowmes thre pales two troughes with other implements of woode 
Two sackes two cheysses with disches and trenchersxiis iiiid
Flaxe a spittexs viiid
A payre of querrnsiiiis
In the chamber 
Five quarters of moultexxiis
Two paynted clothesiis
In yeard 
viii hennes one coke two duckes and one caponxxs
Two yron bound cartes with geyres plowes and plowe tymbeer five harroweslvis viiid
vi kyne and calfes fowre stroppers three effersxi l
Five horsesvi l xiiis iiiid
Thre score sheppex l
Thirtene acres of peasenxlvis
Four acres of wheate and ryexxiiiis
Wheat bearly rye and peasen thressen and unthressenv l vis viiid
A sowe and eyght pigges and five shottesxxiiis
Summa totalis£ xviis iiiid
Dettes that the sayd John Collingtonne did owe in his life tyme 
In primis to Seth Hosse of Scalfordexxiis
To Wyllm Caunt of Kyttlebe on the hyllvs
To Robert Austen of Meltonnevis
To xfer Shyres of the same towne merceriiis xd
To James … of the same towneiiis
To John Poonley [?] of the same townexvid
To Hew Collingtonne for a beay horseiii£ xs
Also for thre …xxs
Summavi£ xis iid