Claybrook William 1565 of Eastwell will and inventory

William Claybrook of Eastwell 1565 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/256

In the Name of God Amen The xxvith daye if February Ano dni 1564 I Willm Claybroke of Estwell beinge of perfect remembrance thanks be gyven to god do ordaine and make my last will & Testament as followeth

Fyrst and principally I bequeath my soule to the Infinite mercye of god and my bodye to be buryed in the churche of Estwell aforesaid

It I gyve to the said churche xxd

Itm I give and bequiethe to my two sonnes Francis & Henry ether of them v li and I will that they shall have the same when they shall come to lawfull age & yf yt shall fortune eyther of them to dye before he shall come to the said age then I will that the other shall have his parte

The Resydewe of my goods my detts beinge payd I gyve & bequiethe to my wyfe whom I constitute and make myne executor charging her to pay my detts and to performe this my will

And I make John Roo [?] my brother in lawe overseer of the same praying him to se yt fullfylled and for his paynes taking herein I gyve to him iiis iiiid

And I Renownce and forsake all other wills made by me here tofore & declare this to be my last will

These beinge witnesses to the same

John Buxhin clerke and parson there Willm Whetell and Thomas Lowe with other moo


An Invetorie of all the goodes of Willm Claybrok of Estwell praised by Willm Whetill John Spick Francis Walker and Thomas Lord of the same the xxvi daye of Marche 1565

First his apparell vis viiid
It iii mattresses ii blankets viii coverleddes bolsters and pillowes iiii bedstedes with hangings  
and painted clothes lvs
It vi payrs of flaxen shets iii payrs of hempen and ix payrs of harden shets xlvii
It vii table clothes vii towells ii doss napkyns vi pillowbeers xxvis viiid
It vi … xs
It one … pott with … on amber iii tables with chares formes & stoles xxxiiis iiiid
It iii spits with cobordes and yren aboute the chimney vis viiid
It certeyn stuffe in the milk house and in the buttry xs
It xx iiii peices of puter viii candlesticks ii pint potts ii salts of puter xxvis viiid
Itm iiii brasse potts iiii pannes and one posnett xls
Itm ii leydes with other stuffe in the kitchen xls
It ii … clothes with forkes scuttles and sysses vis viiid
It v herfers and mares with one fole v li
It iiii kye and ii heyfurs v li
It ii steers iiii yong beests and iiii yerlyng calves iiii li xiiis iiiid
It xxx shepe yoes and hoggs iii li vis viid
It malt rye and barley xii  … xlviiis
It x acres of rye and viii acres of peyse sowen iii li xiis
It the cart with cart geyres xxvis viiid
It plowes harrowes plow tymber trays … with … … xls
It swine with geese and pullen xiiis iiiid
                                 Sum xlii li xviiis viiid  
Whereof is to be deducted for his detts x li xxd  
And so remeaneth … xxxii li xviiis  

Probate 28 March 1565