Clark William 1617 of Long Clawson will

William Clark of Long Clawson 1617 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/239

In the name of god Amen This 28th of Julye in the yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne lorde James by the grace of god of Englande France and Irelande kinge defender of the faith &c the fifteenth of Scotlande the fiftiethe I William Clarke of Claxton also Clauson in the countie of Leceister Tayler (beinge sicke of bodye but of good & perfect memorye (praysed bee god) doe make and ordayne this my last will & testament in manner followeinge

First I give and bequeave my soule to god that gave it and my bodye to be buried in the church yarde of Claxton aforesaiede

Itim I give to the poore of Claxton aforesaide twoe shillinges to bee distributed att the discretion of my executors & they overseers of the poore then beinge

Itim I give towards the reparinge of they Bells in the church of Claxton aforesaide xiid

Itim I give unto my Eldest sonne Robert Clarke fortie shillings and what more I leave to the discretion of my Executors and this xxs to be payed at the age of 21tie yeares

Itim I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Clarke tenne pounds, a trussle Bedstead, my cubberde, the Christininge Sheet and face cloth

Itim I give unto my daughter Marye Clarke tenne poundes, my table, frame & formes and my best Chest

Itim I give unto my daughter Elnor Clarke tenne poundes

Itim I give unto my daughter Margarett Clarke tenne poundes

And my will is that everie one of my daughters portions be payed at the age of 21tie yeares, or day of mariage first Comminge they beinge ordered and ruled by my executors and overseers of this my last will and testament, or els att the age of 21tie yeares

And further my will is, that if anye of my Children depart this worlde in his, her or theire mynoritye and none age, or beeinge unmaried That then his, her, or theire portions shall goe and remayne to the rest of my Children surviveinge, equally to bee divided

And also by this my last will & testament, I give and bequeave all my house houlde to bee equally divided amongst my four daughters And further (if it please god) that I depart this life whylest my three smalest Children, bee yonge and unbrought uppe, and nott able to help themselves, Then my will is that my house bee souled towardes the bringing uppe of they three smalest Children And hereby to that intent and end, I give full power, right, and authoritie unto my Executors, to make sale of, and sell the foresaied house with they apportinances

But if I live, & see the bringing uppe of Children my selfe, then I give and bequeave my foresaied house with the apportinances, unto my yongest sonne William Clarke and to this heires for ever

Itim I make & ordayne Thomas Hicklinge of Claxton aforesayed yeoman, and Richard Hickling the yonger of Claxton aforesaide husbandman ioyntly executors of this my last will & testament, to see the same performed, and my debts to bee payed, and my bodye honestly and reverentlye brought to the grounde, giveinge to either of them for their paynes vis viiid

Lastly I make & ordayne, Richard Hickling the elder, and John Hardall of Claxton aforesaide husbandmen, & my brother in Lawe John Poynter overseers of this my last will & testament

He gave before us witnesses his cloake & a payre of stockings to William Kerkbye

Testes sunt

Thomas Wright Scripor

Henrye Chaddocke [his mark]

William Kerbye [his mark]

William Marriot

Probate 9 December 1617