A History of Hickling by Chris Granger: Appendix 9.

A History of Hickling to 1860

and of all its Clergy.

by Christopher Granger

Hickling TradesSeventeenth Century:

Carpenters:                                 Richard Blowers

Framework Knitters:                 John Collishaw, Thomas Jackson, Robert Hopkinson, Hugh Parleby

Cordwayners:                             William Morris

Cloth  Workers:                          Paul Hardy

Tailors:                                         Daniel Daft

Weavers:                                      Charles Wollerton

Chandlers:                                   Robert Collishaw

Shepherds:                                  Robert Daft, John Greasley

Currier:                                        Robert Daft

Millers:                                         William Simpson

Butchers:                                     Will White

Bakers:                                         George Hives, Thomas Wilson