A History of Hickling by Chris Granger: Appendix 11

A History of Hickling to 1860

and of all its Clergy.

by Christopher Granger

Churchwardens’ expenses (1700s).

17 (?)Leather for the bells 2/-
Wine Wistentide 6/6
Bell wheel and mending18/-
Malkng new surplus& mending old11/6
1/2 100 of coals6d
cost of correcyion fes & thanksgiving prayer 5/-
Thomas Sutton bill 1/2/3
Load of lead - carrying and fetching 11/-
For a bridge and laying down 2/-
Robert Corner for cleaning the clock 2/6
17854 new bell ropes 13/-
Sam Morley for a leather for the great bell1/-
1784John Bonser for Bell wheel and putting up 1/8/-
Sand Brick and stone for the Church 9/6
1793Joseph Daft for wooden work 1/-
A J Wright for while working the Church 8/8/-
Mr Martin paid young people’s eating and drinking in the morning lunch
2 church warden’s dinner5/-
1 yard of green baize mat for Mr Tinley8d