Chippendale Thomas 1566 of Eaton Will

Thomas Chippendale of Eaton 1566 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1566/16 and PR/I/257

In the name of god Amen the tenth day of Julii in the yere of owre lord god a thowsand fyve hunderyth three score and Syxe I Thomas Chippingdale of Eyton in the Countie of Leicester beynge of good and perfect remembrance thankes be given to god do ordeyne and make this my last wyll and testament as folowyth

Fyrst and prencypallye I bequeth my soule to the infynete mercie of god trustynge faythfully to[MJ1]  be saved thorough the deathe and passion of oure savioure & redeemer Jesus chryst and my body to be buried in the church of Eyton aforesaid

Itm I gyve and bequethe to the poore mans boxe theare iiis iiiid

Itm I gyve to my brother Robart fortie shillings

Itm I gyve to everye on of my Servants the wytche hath dwelt with me towe yeares a lame hogge at Mychellmes

Itm I gyve to John Baker my god sonn one ewe and to every god chylde I have within Eyton a lame hogge

Itm I gyve to Rychard Chippingdale my greate grey colt

Itm I do geve & assigne over unto Grace my wife & her assignes all my leasses in Eyton & Muston with all my right & interest therein the whiche I have by the demise & graunte of the right venerable Henry late Earle of Rutlande

The resydewe of my goodes unbequethed my dets beyinge payed I gyve and bequeth to Grace my wyffe and to my childerne Roger and Anne She to have the on halfe and they the other, And I will that my said wyffe shall have the bryngyng up of my said chylderne and the governance of theire parts tyll thet shall come to lawfull age And yf yt shall fortune either of them to depart this worlde before they shall come to lawfull age or the day of maryage then I wyll that that part shall remayne to the other and yf yt fortune them bothe to dye before the said tyme of theire lawfull age or day of theire maryage then I wyll that the one parte of theare porcons shall remeane to Grace my wyffe and the other parte to Wyllm Chippingdale my brothers sonne whom I wyll that my said wyffe shall bringe up tylle he shall come to lawfull age yf his parentts wyll permitt her

And I renownce and forsake all other wylles by me heretofore mayde and declare this to be my last wyll & testament wherein I constitute and ordeine Grace my wyffe my full & holle executrixe requeringe her to see yt performed

And the Supervisours of the same I make Thomas Hartoppe of Burton and my brother George Flower of Statherne deseringe them to see the same fulfyllyde

Theis beynge witnesses Syr John Buxham clerke & George Flower & Signed with my owne hande

Probate Leicester 12 September 1566


The Invetorie of all the goodes of Thomas Chyppingdalle lat of Eyton in the countie of Leicester deceased praysed by iiii indyfferente men vidz Wyllm Whettell Alexander … … Baker and Willm Golde the last day of July anno dni 1566 and in the heyght yere of the Reign of owre Sovereigne lady quene Elizabeth etc

At Eyton 
Fyrst his apparrelliii li
In the halle 
Itm iii framed tables iii yoened formes iii yoened stoulles & iii Cheresxxxs
Item one newe carpet & ii olde … benche clothe vi cushins one ambre a Iarn galowes with iii hynging hukes & iii Caudernes of Irnexxs
In the parler & chambers 
Itm ii trusse Bedds with hyngings to the same one trendlebed one framed table with a Carpet for the same iii yoened stolles ii cheres one Counter with a short carpet ii formes … coffersxlvis viiid
Itm v fetherbedsv li
Itm x mattrisseslx
Itm iiii tyrke bolstersxiiis iiiid
Itm vi … … and iiii of … wolsyexs
Itm one Bed Coveryngexxs
Itm ix coverletsxls
Itm iii peare of old Blanketsixs
Itm ii litle pyllowes covered on the one syde with old sylkevs
Itm xiii payre & a halfe of flaxen shetsiiii li
Itm xx peare of shakendon & harden shetsxls
Itm xvi pillow beresxiiis iiiid
Itm one dyaper table cloth ii dyaper towels & xii dyaper napkinsiis
Itm vii flaxen bord clothesviis
Flaxen towels & xii flaxen napkinsxxxs
Itm one prase of yoined worke & vi bed stedes of Bordxxs
In the buttrie 
Itm one dossein & a halfe of Sylver spones iiii of them old & Brokeniii li
Itm ii garnyshe of vessell vi porigers ii basonnes ii yewers ii puther bottells on Basonn & one ure of laten i chaufingdyshe and vi candlestykesiii li
In the kytching 
Itm iii great potts ii old potts ii posnets & a lytle chamferxlvis viiid
Itm iii old great panes & one kettlexiiis iiiid
Itm v spets one peare of cobarnes ii peare of tonges one brandiarne & ii peare of pott hukesxxs
Itm I mashe fate one gyll fat ii barrells iiii lowmes one … & ii pelesvis viiid
In the Bolting howse 
Itm on lead on Bolting tubbe a peare of quernes one dyshe benche on molding Borde a knedinge troughexiiis iiiid
Itm one stepfat a wollyne welle ii lynine wellesxiis
Itm a old he… for the kylneiiis iiiid
In the darye howse 
Itm ii little mylke leddes iiii bolles iii wodden platters a kymnell a pyne … ii wesshing kytts with other small things therexiiis iiiid
In the woll howse 
Itm by estimacon xl stones of wollexiiii li
Corne in the Feilde & cattle 
Itm xxii acars of whet & ryexv li vis viiid
Itm xxii acars Barlyexii li xvis
Itm vi acars peesxxs
Itm viii acars of …xls
Itm x score wethers iiii score hogges & xx barend ewesl li
Itm ix horses and maresix li
Itm iii colts & ii fyllesv li
Itm vi oxen and iiii steresxiii li xiiis iiiid
Itm xiii kine & a Bullxiii li xiiis iiiid
Itm xii Yonge Beisevii li iiiis
Itm xi yerlyngesiii li xiiis iiiid
Itm viii wenersxxvis viiid
Itm xxii swynexls
Itm xv wening pyggsxs
Itm iii Iarne Bund waynes one new cart body ii copp yokes ii peare of wayne clevesiii li xs
Itm iii plowes with all things belonginge to the samexiiis iiiid
Itm plow tymbre axletrees and certyne tymber & other woode in the yearde ii hovells certyne 
palles xlvi trees good & badd ii great lethers ii small harowesv li
Itm certyne gesse with other pulline about the yeardiiis iiiid
The Invetorie of all the goods of the said Thomas Chippingdall at Mustonn in the said countie of Leicester praised by Willm Elsonn Thomas Cleffton & Rychard Patchette the day & yere above written 
In the howse 
Fyrst ii bords & ii formes & one chesse bordiis vid
Itm iii brasse potts one brasse pane a frying pane a hynging pane ii candle stykes & iii plattersxiiis iiiid
One line missing in fold 
Itm iiii bedstedsvs
Itm I featherbed iiii coverlets vi pere of shets one bolster ii pyllowsxvis viiid
Itm one spette on peare of cobiarnes & a peare of Iarne galowesvs
Itm iiii mares & a yerlynge fyllyiiii li vis viiid
Itm iiii drawght oxenvi li xiiis iiiid
Itm xii keyne & a bullxvi li
Itm vi wening calves with a yerly bull calvexls
Itm vi score cupplesxxxiii li
Itm ii Iarne bound waynes ii coper yoks with other nessessaries to the samexlvis viiid
Itm iii hovells with pales over lyars cratches tethers & … … abowt the yeardxls
Itm ii plowes with the plow geresvis viiid
Itm xv Swyne Yonge & oldexvs
Itm xx gesse x hennes ii coksxs
Itm v acars of whet & ryeiii li vis viiid
Itm xxiiii acars of barlyexii li
Itm xv acars pees & benesv li
Itm a bruyng …iis
Itm iiii hyvesxiiis iiiid
Itm xxxviii treesxs
Sumcciiii xx xv li xvis viiid
Whereof to be alowed for hys detts as aperys by a billlii li xvs viiid
And so remanys …ccxliii li xiid