Chamberlain William 1701 of Hose will and inventory

William Chamberlain of Hose 1701 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1701/48

I William Chamberline of the parish of Stathern in the County of Leicester yeoman Do make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament the eleventh day of June in yeare of our Lord god one Thousand seaven Hundred and one and in the Thirteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King William the Third In Manner and form following

Imprimis first I Bequeath my soule into the Hands of Almighty god who gave mee it Hoping Through the Meritorious passion of Christ Jesus to receave pardon for my sins which I Have Commited in this world And my Body to be buried in Christian Burial in the parish Church or Churchyard of Hose According to the descrecion of my Executrix 1701

Imprimis I Will that my debts and funeral Chardgis be paid by my Executrix

It I give unto my Daughter Ane the sum of Three Score pounds of good and Lawful money when shee shall Accomplish the Age of one and Twenty yeares to be paid by my Executrix

It I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Chamberline the sum of ThreeScore pounds of good and Lawfull money When she shall Accomplish the Age of one and Twenty yeares to be paid by my Executrix

If Either of them depart this Naturall life afore she accomplish this age aforesaid that the abovementioned portion return to the Long Survivor

I give to my Daughters Ane and Elizabeth above Mentioned Tenn pounds each of them apeice in Household goods According to the descretion of my Executrix as the [sic] Think fiting time

It I give unto my Deare wife Elizabeth Chamberline Halfe one oxgang of Land which I Lately purchased of Thomas Treuman of Nottingham for her Naturall Life and Then returne to My son William at her decease

It I give my soon [sic] William All those two Houses in Hose Tenened by Thomas Marrit And Robert Burns and one Quarterne of Land that cam by My Unckle John Tinsley which was Given my by will And One Halfe Oxgang of Land I give Him when he shall accomplish the yeares and age of One and Twenty

Lastly all the Rest and Residue of all my goods and Chattells whom it hath pleased god to indue me with all I give and Bequeath unto my deare Wife Elizabeth Chamberline And My onely soon William Chamberline Whom I make and Joyn them soule Executrix of this my Last will and Testament Revolking All other wills and Testament afore time

                                                                                                         William Chamberline his marke

Wittness our Hands

Richard Marriott

Richard Julian

Marey Maratt

Elizabeth Guy

A true and perfect Inventure of All the goods and Chattells that William Chamberline of Hose who deceased and departed this life June the eight was possessed of the yeare 1701

  £ s d
Imprims his purse and Apparell 2 0 0
It in the Hall goods One Tabell six stolls one Cuberd One Littell Tabel six      
Chaires fire yron And Rackings with other small Things in the sam place 3 0 0
It in the parlor goods One Bedstead and Beding to the same one Chist one box      
One Trunk other small Things One Chest Two Cheares one Linery Cuberd      
Two stoles 2 18 6
It goods in the Best Chamber Two Bedsteads with Beding Belonging to them      
Foure Chists Two Boxis A Tabell foure Cheares and other small Things 5 1 6
It in the Midell Chamber goods One Bedstead with beding belonging to the same      
One Salting Trunk one Coffer 1 6 8
It in the store Chamber Two quarter of Malt four strike of Rey one Quarter of      
pease one Quarter of Wheate With Baken and Cheese and Other Necesaryes in      
the same place 6 7 6
In the Kitching goods one Lead Three great Tubs Two sowes one dresor one      
Leaven K…dell one Churne 2 5 6
It goods in the deary pots and panchings one fryinpan seaven Barells shelves      
other Necesarys 1 5 4
It puter and Brass belonging to the Mesage 4 8 4
It Linings belonging to all Romes 4 9 6
It Corn in the yard ould Corn to Thresh and ould Hey 15 13 4
Horses six Mares Thre foles Two yere oulds Coults 40 0 6
Keyne Nine Milch Keyne six Heffers one Bull five Weaning Calfes 40 0 7
Sheep Three score and four 33 2 9
Cropp of Corn Groing and Hey 60 13 11
Swine 06 7 4
Carts and Cart Geares plows and plow Geares Harrows Ship Cribs and fould      
fleakes 10 2 3
In the House Trough and swine Trougs Two Bease Cribs Houselling 2 1 4
Things unseen and forgotten 0 13 4
                                                                                                   The sum in toto is 241 18 2

Praised by us

Robert Hicklinge

Edward Hallam

Richard Marratt

Probate 20 September 1701