Chamberlain Christopher 1638 of Scalford Will

Christopher Chamberlain als Chambers of Scalford 1638 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, PR/I/249/202

In the name of god Amen Aprill the 30th 1638 I Christopher Chamberers alis Chamberline of Scallford in the County of Leicester Labourer beinge sickly of body but of good & perfect memory (god be praysed therefore) doe ordaine this my Last will & testament in manner & forme followinge That is to say

First I give & bequeave my soule to allmighty God my Creatour hopeinge & verily assuringe my selfe through gods mercy & the all sufficient merits of Christ Jesus my onely Saviour & redeemer to be partaker of Life everlastinge And my body I give & bequeave to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in Christian buriall in the Church or Churchyard of Scallford aforesayde at the discretion of my Executor, & for my worldly goods I doe dispose of them in manner & forme followinge

Imprimis I devise & will that my Cottage house with the members & all appurtenances whatsoever shall be sould by and according to the discretion of my Executor, & Supervisours for the raysinge of my Childrens portions untille my sonne John doe find himself fit & able out of his owne

& my other goods & estate to pay & discharge the severall portions given to my other Children at the dayes & times therein limited which if it shall happen that hee be Then it is my will to give & bequeave my sayd Cottage house with the members & appurtenances whatsoever to him & his heires for ever

Item I give unto my eldest Daughter Anne Chambers alis Chamberline nine poundes to be payd within a twelvemonth & a day after my discease

Item I give unto my younger Daughter Margery Chambers alis Chamberline nine poundes to be payd when shee is at one & twenty yeares of age

Itm I give unto my Second Sonne William Chambers alis Chamberline for the present eleven Ewes & twelve Lambes & eight barran Sheepe, & fourty shillinges when hee cometh to the age of one & twentie yeares

Item I give unto my youngest Sonne Thomas Chambers alis Chamberline my two kine at this present, & five poundes besids when that hee cometh to the age of one and twenty yeares

Item I give unto my eldest Sonne John Chambers alis Chamberline all my other Goods & Chattels whatsoever (provided that my former Legasses by me bequeathed to my Children above named be performed & my funerall Charges first defrayed & defaulked) which sayd John I constitute & apoint the Executor of this my Last will & testament, desireinge allsoe John Littledirke of Hosse in the County of Leicester & James Attkinson of Harby in the County of Leicester aforesayd to be the Supervisors of this my Last will & testament giveinge to them twelvepence a peece

Soe revockeinge all wills whatsoever before made by me I doe constitute ordayne & apoint this to be my Lasst will & testament

In wittnesse whereof I have heere unto put my hand & seale the day & yeare first above written

                                                                                                                Christopher Chamberline [his mark]

Read published & declared in the presents of

Robert Kirkbye

Thomas Dreake

Andraw Sculthorpe

William Howit

Probate 18 May 1638


A true and a iust Inventory of all the goods Cattell and Chattells whatsoever of Christopher Chamberline alis Chambers late of Scallforde in the County of Leicester Cottager deceased made Indented taken and prised The tenth day of May Anno Dom 1638 By William Skullthorpe John Litledike and James Atkinson

In primis his purse girdle and apparel Twenty shillinge010000
Itm Nineteen Sheepe and Eleaven lambes Twenty nobles061304
Itm Two Kine Foureteen Nobles041304
Itm Two Bedsteads Five shillings001500
Itm Two bolsters Five pillowes and one mattrise a marke001304
Itm Three linnen flaxen sheets Foureteene Shillings001400
Itm Three hempen harden sheets Two shillings000200
Itm Three Coffers and one small Table Seaven shillings and foure pence000704
Itm Three quishions which are to be made up Eighteene pence000106
Itm Eight pounds of wooll Five shillings and foure pence000504
Itm One tubbe twelve pence000100
Itm Old iron Two shillings000200
Itm Old boards Twelve pence000100
Itm One Strike and Three pecks of Corne at foure shillings the Strike Seaven
Itm in the hall One Cubbard a marke five peices pewter and three small
Candlesticks five shillings in Tot Eighteene shillings foure pence001804
Itm One pott and three Litle pannes Tenne shillings001000
Itm One Barrell one Chourne Two kitts and some Dishes Foure shillings000400
Itm The Andiron and the hooks Twelve pence000100
Itm The table and Forme in the hall Three shillings and a chaire Eighteene
pence in tot foure shillings and sixe pence000406
Itm In the Barne Two or Three peices of wood and some gosse Tenn groats000304
Itm for The Compasse or manure together with a hovell foure shillings000400
Itm for implements and things which may be forgotten Two shillings000200
The Summe total is Eighteene pounds Eight shillings and Foure pence180804

Exhibited 18 May 1638