Caunt Richard 1591 of Stathern will

Richard Caunt of Stathern 1591 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1591

In The name of god Amen The xxiith daye of maye in the yeare of our lorde god 1591 I Richarde Caunte of Statherne in the countie of Lest husbandman seke in bodie but of whole & perfect Remebrance Thanks be to god Allmightie Do make this my laste will & testament in maner & forme as folowinge

Firste I beqwethe my soule to Allmightie god the maker of me And All mankynde And my bodie be the Earth from whence it came

Itm I Give & beqwethe to Esbell my Dowghter ii weyning calfes & All my howseholde stofe except fyve payre of shete which fyve payre of shetes I will that my ii sonnes William & Richard shall have either of Them ii payre one payre of hempen & one of flaxen the fifth payre I five to Bridgit Caunte my cosen which shalbe of hempen

Also I give to my sayd dowghter Esbell vil xiiis iiiid

Itm I give & bewethe to my Sonne Willm my malte qwernes ii Yews & A cowe which Are his owne Allredie

Itm I give & beqwethe to my brother George Caunte my bests Doblet my beste sherte my beste breches my beste nether … my beste shoes & my …

Itm I give to every one of my brother George his children iiiid A peece

Also I give to John Jelson my … Russet Jerkin & a Payre of Russet breches

Item I give & beqwethe to my brother Gabryell my cloake my whyte doblet & my … Jerkin

Itm I will that my father shall have government & the bringing up of my children during his naturall lyfe & when it pleaseth god to take him Awaye then I will that my brother Gabriell shall have the bringing up of my children & Thuse of the portions during their nonage

I Will That if Any of my Three children Dye before they Accomplishe their lawfull Age that their parte so Deseased shall Remayne to Them that livith

I give & beqwethe the lease of the whyte howse to my two sonnes Willm & Richard After the Discease of my father

All my goods unbeqwethed I give to my two sonnes whom I make my Executors And I make my father & my brother Gabryell overseers of my children

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Witnesses hearof

Thomas Rowse

John Dicson

Rafe Caunte

James Whittell

Richard Dobledaye