Caunt Gabriel 1590 of Stathern will

Gabriel Caunt of Stathern 1590 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1590/77

A narrow strip is missing down the left-hand side of this will until the last three lines.  This is indicated […] with likely words in the brackets if they can be deduced following the usual format of Wills of the period.

Anno Regii Elizabeth xxviith

[…] day of Jenuarie and in the yeare of our lord god 1584 I Gabraell Caunte of Stathorne of good [minde and] Remembrance laud and praise be unto allmightie god, yet uncertayne when yt shall please god to visit […] me to his mercie Therefore I ordeane & make this my last will & testamente in manner & forme [following

Imprimis I] bequeth & committe my Soule to allmightie god, the maker of me, and all men kynd by whose death [and passion I] truste to be Saved, and my bodie to be buried in the earth from whence I came

Ite I [give to the] mother churche of Lincoln iid

I give to the churche of Stathorne iis

I give to my Sonne George […] John ether of them a yew sheppe

I give to my brother Richard Caunte my best Jacket

I give [to my] Sonne John Caunte v l

I give to my Sonne Mathew Caunte v l

I give to my Sonne […] Caunte v l & to my Sonne Thomas Caunte v l

Allso I give to Doritie Wattes my wifes [probably “daughter”] v l & to my daughter Margarete Caunte v l & I give to Emmet Caunte my daughter v l

[It I] will that my wife shall have … peare of shettes v peare of flaxen & v peare of harden […] cloaths to give to whom she will, the whiche shettes shall be taken out of the howle goodes

[It] all the Rest of my goodes boeth moveable & in moveable, my deptes beinge paied of my howle goodes [my funeral] expences and bequeithes discharded and paied I give & bequeith to my said wife Ales & to [… my] Sonne Equalie to be devided bitwixte them without any … or let acccordinge to my will & meaninge [whom I make] my Lawfull executors to performe this my last will & testemente

Furthermore it is my will [and mind] that my wife Ales shall have her mete, drinke, & ledginge be honestleye used with my Sonne [… during] her natural life, if she will not like of her usinge then to take her porcon of good […] to what child she will like of

And all other willes heretofore made I utterlie forsake [and acknowledge] this to be my last Will & testament and allso I make William Caunte my brother supervisor of this my last will & testament & I give unto him xiid

In wittnes whereof I the forsaid Gabriel Caunte have put to my hand to this my last will & testament & will that all thinges according to the true meninge of this my will shall be performed made the vith daye of Jenuarie anno dni 1584

                                                                                                         Gabriell Caunte [his mark]


William Caunte

George Caunte

Raufe Wilson

Richard Newton

Richard Caunte

Probate 28 March 1590