Carter Matthew 1557 of Long Clawson will

Matthew Carter of Long Clawson 1557 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1557/73

In the name of god Amen the yere of our lorde god mccccclvii and in the xxv day of September I Matthew Carter of Claxton in the counte of Laycester husbandman being of hyoll mynde and perfytt remebrans laude be unto god ordyn and make thys my laste wyll and testament in forme and manner as follows

Fyrste I beqwethe [small hole, would be my soul”] to allmyghty god my maker and my redemer and to our lade the blessed virgin and all the holy [small hole, probably “company of”] heyven and my body to be buryede in the churche yarde of Sante Rimige of Claxton

It I beqwethe [small hole, probably “to our”] lady of Lyncoln iiiid

It I beqwethe to the hey alter for offerings and tythings by me neclegently [larger hole, something like “unpaid if any”] suche be xiid

It I beqwethe to Broghton church viiid to … churche [hole about four words] churches in Stanton [?] xvid and to Kylmyngton [?] church viiid

It I beqwethe [hole about four words] brasse panns and iii brasse potts ix puter plates and the greytt kandylstycke [hole about four words]

It I beqwethe to Ane my doghter iii arks which are in the seller & ii speytts a fyer [hole about three word] pott hoks & … of …

It I beqwethe to Ane my doghter ii bedds and a forme [hole about three words]

It I beqwethe to Ane my doghter my … a …yllyng … and ii … troghes

It I beqwethe to my doghter iiii lynen shetts and iii payre of harden shetts ii … in my arke ii borde cloths one bolster iii coverleyds that I boght att … and that yt I … of besse bedde and vi … … …

It I beqwether to Ane my doghter v kyne ii oxsan & ii … iiii horse and … mare and a gray horse a blake colte and a reyd horse

It I gyfe to Ane my doghter a … … payre of newe … and a ploghe with collar and … and ii … a payre of … [small hole] … and a payre of plow … with a ox … of …

It I gyfe to Ane my doghter [hole about two works] the hovel of barle and a qwarter of weytte and a qwarter of peysse

It I wyll that [hole about three words] of the … yt ys … and when the croppe ys gotten then ytt to the [hole about four words] chylde but … … shall have no parte and my doghter Ane shall [hole about four words] in the croppe

It I gyfe to Elsabeth my Wyfes doghter a … colte & the … brasse [hole about two words] brasse pott butt one & ii … … called … pane & another lyttyll pane v puter platters [small hole] harden shetts & one flaxen shette and ii towels and ii arks that are in the chamber

It I gyfe to [small hole] Wyfes doghter one colte called Tagerytt

It I beqwethe to Emmot Mareytt a blake heifer and [small hole] wyfes doghter a … … calfe

It to Ho…ys Marytt … sheppe & to her mother and [small hole] to Jhon Mareytt one Weytt lande nether of the beyste … of the Woryste

It I Wyll that … chyeld be [small hole] to a mother and they be nott Elsabethe to have the … heifer … …. from the [small hole]

It I wyll that a marke be … to the powre people & my … to have the … att my funerall day

It [small hole] to the churche xxd

It I gyfe to the her ways mending iiis iiiid

It I gyfe to Ane my doghter ii … [small hole] … and a …

It I comand that my … and a cott be solde to be bestowed at my buryall and [small hole] that shall …

It I gyfe to Ane my doghter a … … … … & a …

It I [hole about three words] before gode in the churche of Claxton at the coste of my chyldes goods … … [hole about four words]

It the resedu of my goods unbeqwethed I gyfe to be eqwalle devyded amongst [hole about five words]

It I [“will” missing] that yf my doghter Ane die before that she … to full age to make a wyef or to [hole about four words] be devyded into iii parts & one parte to be dette to the power people & another to be gyfen to Charles [small hole] of Hose frends to be … and … … and the thyrde parte to be gyffen to Robart Mawer [small hole] and labor taking

It I wyll that Robart Mawer to house my doghter Ane and all here parte to se ytt [small hole] well as my truste ys he wyll doe to have vis viiid for heys pains

It I ordyn and make Robart Mawer and my doghter my full executors of thys my last Wyll and testament as they wyll … [small hole]  and I make … Vicar my overseer of my Wyll to se ytt truly performed & to have vis viiid for hys … … … Gudwyn Vicar Thomas Smarte Rycd … Robarto Smarte Robarto Mawer … …

There is an inventory but it is largely illegible