Carter Edmund 1722 of Goadby Marwood Inventory

Edmund Carter of Goadby Marwood 1722 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1722

A true & perfect Inventory of the Goods, Chattells & personal Estate of Mr Carter late Rector of Goadby in the County of Leicester Dec 8 1722

Imp A Cow & Calf040000
A She Ass with Foal001000
A Porket011000
One Hors030000
Two Saddles & Two Bridles001300
Muck & wheel-barrow001000
Hay & straw011000
A cutting Knife000100
One Shovel, a Spade, a Garden Rake & 2 forks000400
An Ass & a Foal at Burleigh010000
A Roule in the Garden000500
Two Tubs to put corn in000200
A leaden Pump011000
A steel Mill & riddle001500
A Copper, brewing Vessells in the brewing house number 6060000
A cheese Press & kneading Trough000600
A Dresser, shelves &c in the brew-house000206
In the Ale Celler five barrells full & two empty & thralls020000
In the small Beer Seller four Barrells & Bottles & thralls001500
In the other Celler two pots of Pork001000
& a salting Tub two boards & 2 Tressells & a thing to salt Pork in000400
Things in the house of Office000100
In the Kitchin the Land Iron, Rack & three pot-hooks001500
A Jack & three spits & Col Irons010000
A toasting fork000100
Things in the Cubbard001000
A Pestel, Mortar, chopping Knife, Cleever & Trowlls000900
Four smoothing Irons five Iron Candlesticks000400
Seven brass Candlestick000900
Ten Pewter Disches010000
Three Dozen of Plates and an half011500
Six brass Pots & Panns011600
Two Pewter Salvers, Candle Box, a Tea Kettle, Tinn & Copper Pots000806
A warming Pann, & frying Pann, two pair of Tongs, a fire Shovell000900
Beef fork grett Irons, bellows, three brushes000400
A screen, salting Tubs, two Tables, six chairs001400
One Dresser, a chopping Block, Shelves, Bacon Cratch, 6 Trenchers000900
A Lanthorn &c000100
Goods in the Dary001600
In the little Parlour A Clock021000
Twelve black Chairs011600
A Table & looking Glass001400
Hangings & Pictures011000
In the Hall screen & five chairs & a slate000600
In the best Parlour three Tables, 8 chairs & a looking Galss040500
Eight Pictures a Tea Table, Hangings, window Curtains, Grate070000
In the best Chamber all the Furniture200000
In the little Chamber,one Bed, Box & Table060000
In the red Chamber, one bed, six chairs, one Table, one Glass 1 box & hangings060000
In the Matted Room, 1 bed, 2 bedstead, 2 Deal Boxes, 1 Table, china060000
In the right hand Garret one bed & Press &c011000
In the left hand Garret, one bed & Glass &c030000
In the Study Books &c100000
A watch021000
Six silver spoons &c a fork031000
Six Tea spoons, a pair of Tongs & Tooth Pick Case001500
Three Silver Cups & a pepper Box160000
Three Silver Salts011000
Purse & Apparell020000
A Bond part pd1000000
A Note200000
Debts due to him200000
Things not seen & forgotten  010000


Georg Kellham

Wm [?] Whalley

Bond, bound Henry Carter gentleman of Goadby Marwood and John Laughton clerk of Ibstock 11 December 1722, condition bound Henry Carter son and administrator of Edmund Carter clerk late of Goadby Marwood intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Henry Carter

                                                                                                                J Laughton