Carpenter William 1571 of Scalford Will

William Carpenter of Scalford 1571 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/262 page 22

In the name of god amen the thirde daye of June in the xith yere of the raynge of our moste graciowes soveraigne Ladye Quene Elis by the grace of god of Ingland France and Ireland defender of the Faythe et a I Willm Carpenter of Scalford in the countie of Leic beynge hole of mynde and in good and perfect remembrance thankes be to god do ordayne and make this my last wyll and testament in maner & forme folowynge

Firste I bequethe my sowle to almightie god the father the sonne and the holye goste whom I acknowledge to be one god my only maker and redemer and my bodye to be buried in the churche or churche yearde of Scalford

Itm I geve to the mother churche of Lincoln iid

Itm I geve to the poore mens boxe xiid

Itm I geve to my sonne Peter Carpenter and to my sonne Roberte Carpenter to eyther of theym iiiid in full satisfaccon of theyre childes partes and yf they be not contente to have none at all

Itm I geve to my dowghters Margaret, Alice and Isabell to eache of theym iiiid in full satisfaccon of theyre childes parte & yf they be not contente to have nonne at all

Itm I geve to my dowghter Agnes one ewe & a lambe and a calfe of one yere olde in full satisfaccon of her parte

Itm I geve to my sonne Hercules and my sonne John Carpenter all suche Iron geyre belonging to husbandrie as is nowe remayninge in the handes of Willm Holmes of Waltham as by a byll indented between hym and me dothe appere which said stuffe the same Wyllm Holmes to deliver unto my sonnes Hercules & John att theyre full age of xvi yeares

Itm I geve unto my sonne Hercules one paire of greate cobyrons one greate spitt towe sylver spones a table of wood with leaves one wymble the halfe of one brewynge lead one gavelocke one forme one turned cheare

Itm I geve to my sonne John a paire of cobyrons one greate spit tow sylver spones a table of woode one Iron wymble the halfe of one brewinge leade which said table gavelocke towe wymbles and one brewynge leade be nowe in the handes and kepynge of Peter Carpenter my sonne which my wyll is he shall delivere the same parcels to the handes of my executors imediatelye after my departure

Itm I wyll that my wyfe nor anye other shall were or waste anye of the said legacies geven to my forsaid children Hercules & John

Also I geve to Margaret my wyfe towe sylver sponnes and to have the thirde parte of all my goods & chattayles move able & unmovable unbequethed reservinge the legacies before geven to the children aforesaid

Also I wyll that my wyfe shall have the bringing up of my thre children Hercules John & Urseley, tyll they be at thage of xvith yeares

Also I wyll that yf Margaret my wyfe do marie that then I wyll that whosoever he be that shall marie her that he shall sufficientlye be bownde to myne executors before the mariage for the performance of the forsaid children partes Hercules John & Urseley

Also yf yt please god to take anye of my towe sonnes Hercules & John and Urseley my dowghter forthe of this presente Lyffe before the yeares aforesaid that then the longest lyver of theym to have the partes of theym all three

Also that I maye honestelye be browght to the grounde and my detts & legacies paid I wyll that imediatlye after that my goods be equalye devided in the partes the one parte for Margaret my wyfe the other towe partes for Hercules & John my sonnes and Urseley my dowghter

Also I do ordayne and make Mathew Deane & Thomas Calley myne executors and supervisers of this my laste wyll and testament & they to have for theyre paynes ether of them vis viiid

Yf yt please god that the forsaid Hercules John & Urseley do departe this lyfe before the yeares aforesaid that then I will that Margaret my wyfe shall have the hole

Wittnesses at the makynge hereof John Downes [?] Roberte Thorneton Bartholmewe Hawley Willm Mannfelde Hewghe …arnall Xtofer Bardsey Vicare of Scalforde with other moe

Probate 28 April 1571 to Mathew Dene and Thomas Calley