Carpendale Thomas 1586 of Eaton Inventory

Thomas Carpendale of Eaton 1586 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/8/88

An Inventory taken the xith day of Aprell 1586 the xxviiith yeare of the reigne of owre Soverigne Lady Elizabethe by the grace of god Quene of England Franc and Ireland defendour of the faither et cet Of the goods and Cattell of Thomas Carpendall of Eaton in the county of Leicester Laborer and preised by us Richard Wythers Ric Greaves W Spreckly of Eaton aforsayd

Imprimis iiii sheape hogsvs iiiid
Itm ix other gyle sheape wheare of theyr ii ews & ii Lambesxxiis vid
Itm a quye calfevs
Itm a ledynge of … barly to thresteiiis iiiid
Igm a lyttell hayiis
Itm ii rye landsxls
Itm a hovell of propes of wodeiiis iiiid
Itm hen penvid
Itm an old brasse pott with holesiis
Itm ii smale plattersxvid
Itm an old frying pannevid
Itm a … for drynkeiiiid
Itm iiii payre corse shites ii payre of hempen & ii payre of hardenvis
Itm a bedstead of … a bad matresse 1 coverlett 1 blankett a bolster ii pilowesiiiis viiid
Itm a payre of … iii stolesiiiid
Itm a litell paynted clotheviiid
Itm monyxiid
Itm his apparelxls
Somiii li xviiis xd

Richard Wythers

Ric Greaves mark

W Sprekly mark