Byard Richard 1591 of Long Clawson inventory

Richard Byard of Long Clawson 1591 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/12/76

The true Inventory of all the goods & chattall of Richard Byarde of Claxton in the countie of Leicester yeoman who departed this present life the xith day of August Ano Dni 1592 praised by Edward Moore Henry Burdett and Thomas Storer of Clawson aforesaid

In the hall  
Imprimis in his purse & his apparell vii li
Ite Cubbordes bordes formes Chaires stooles fyre irons & other  
implements xls
Ite quishons & Carpetts iiii li
In the parler  
Ite Bedsted xlvis viiid
Ite fether bedds pillowes & bolsters iiii li iiis iiiid
Ite mattresses & blankets liiis iiiid
Ite bed hillings Coverletts & Curteines iii li xixs iiiid
Ite xv paire of flaxen sheets viii li
Ite xx paire of other sheetes v li xvis viiid
Ite a paire of pillow beares & vi flaxe bordcloaths xlvis viiid
Ite vi other bordcloathes & iiii dozen of table napkins ls
In the Chamber  
Ite one Counter & one livery Cubbord with other Coffers xxiiiis
Ite butter & cheese xs
Ite tubes barrells kimmells with other Implements xls
In the Buttrie  
Ite one silver salte xxs
Ite puter lis iiiid
Ite Candle stickes Chamfers & milke leads xxvis
In the kitchen  
Ite spits Cobbarts dripping pannes & Brand irons with other small  
implements xxxiiis iiiid
Ite brasse potts 2 pannes v li
In the yards  
Ite … plowes & … with their furniture iiii li
It plow timber & axle trees xvis vid
Ite horse mangers rackes planks bease … with other wodd in the  
stable & weate howses xxs
Ite one hanging howse with all the pales … … … … & other Cloggs  
of wod xliiis iiiid
Ite the wodd about the hovells & straw … xxiis vid
Ite one paire of old quernes one grinstone with certaine Coles &  
other old trifles xxs
Ite the croppe of hay & Corne with a lease of certaine grounde &  
an estate in ii Cloases in  
Broughton feilds xx li
Ite vi swine ls
Ite xx sheepe iiii li xvis viiid
Ite vi steares x li viiis
Ite vii Cyne ix li
Ite ix yearling & ii Calves v li
Ite one nagge one mare one olde horse & ii fillies iiii li xviiis viiid
Ite geese ducks & hens vs
Debts owinge to the said Richard Byard  
Imprimis Ralfe Hardall & Thomas Hardall owe him viii li xs
Ite John Henson alis Hall v li
Ite Xpofer Loe xls
                                   Sum tot 144 li 3s 8d  
Exhibited 7 September 1591  
Debts owing by the said Richard Byard  
Imprimis he ought to Mr Scott xxx li
Ite to James Byard xv li
Ite to Ralfe Jacson ix li
Ite Sir Andrew Noell ix li iiis iiiid
Ite to Edward Moore xlvis viiid
Ite to Francis Pratte vi li xiiis iiiid
Ite to Willm Smarte iii li
Ite to Mr Morton xxviiis xd
Ite to Thomas Forde xs
                                   Sum tot 77 li 12s 2d  
                                   Differens 66 li 11s 6d