Buxam Hugh 1578 of Eastwell will

Hugh Buxam of Eastwell 1578 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1578

In the name of god Amen the xxiiiith daye of September and in the yere of our Lorde god 1578 I Heugh Buxam of Estwell in the countie of Leicester husbandman beynge sicke in bodye but of good and perfect rememberance thanks be to god do ordaine and make this my last will and Testamente in manner and forme following

Fyrste I bequiethe my soule to Allmyghtie god and my bodye to be buried in Christian buriall

It I do geve to the Churche of Lincoln iid

Itm I do geve and bequiethe all my goods my farm onelie excepted and my deibts payed shall equallie be devided betwixte my wyfe and Childeren

Itm I geve to my wyfe my farme whome I do make the executrix of this my laste will and Testamente and she to geve fortie shillinges to be devided amongeste my Childeren and to have the bringing uppe of them with theire parts untill they come to theire full and perfects age

It I do ordaine and make Nicholas Perpoynte of Estwell my Landlorde and Grabiell [Gabriel?] Buxam of Overtonne my brother the Overseers of this my last will and Testament

Theise beynge wytnesses Willm Heathe Clerke Henrie Hawtrie with other moe

All such deibts as Heighe Buxhame doethe knowledge hym selfe to owe and be indeibted before his death

Fyrste to Willm Crosse xliiis

Itm to Rylie wife xvs

Itm to Nicholas Kyttchine xvis

Itm to Mr Heathe parsone of Estwell whereof my Syster Mason muste paie the one halfe xxs

Itm to Willm Spregley xs

Itm to Thomas Cooke iiiis

Itm to Willm Forman xiid

Itm to Anne Warrener iis

Itm to Mr Heathe iiis iid

It to the good wyfe Perpoynte xxd

Itm to Roger Byrde viiis iiiid

Itm to the Smithe of Eaton iis iiid

Itm to Walter Stanley xxxiiis iiiid

Itm to my brother Tubwell … vs

It to my father in Lawe xxxs

Itm to my maide att Martilmas and her liverie vis vid

Itm to the Shepperd att Martilmas and the thirde parte of his liverie vis iiiid

It to Alice of Whatton iix vid

Some of the deibts xli xvs xid