Burton William 1581 of Holwell Will

William Burton of Holwell 1581 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Wills and Inventories 1581/60

In the name of god amen The x daye of November I Wyllm Burton of Holwell in the counti of Lester beyng wholl of mynd and good an perfect memore do make Thys my last wyll & testement in maner and forme foloyng

First I be quefe my sole to allmyghty god my onele savyour and redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the church yarde of Melton Mobre in the sayd county of Lesseter

Im I gebe to the poore of Melton Mobre xiid

Im I geve to the poore of Sysonbe xiid

Im I geve to … … of Sysonbe and to Predence her daughter ii of my best youes set forth by my mester John Hurst

Im I geve to my brother Robart Marsshall my best yo shep nexe

Im I geve to Katherren Sharrat a lamp hogge

Im I geve to John Francke a coffer and a rosset Jerken

Im I geve to Xtofer Harbe vid

Im I geve to Thomas Manchester a peare of …

Im my mayster John Hurst ouse me v li

Im Thomas Storrar of Clauson iii li vis viiid

Im Wyllm Broune ouse me iii li

Im … Herdson my brother ouse me iii li

Im I have one half aker of wheate of John Flouer of Clauson lying by Chapmans hedge

The rest of my goods unbequethed my dettes payd my legesses desscarged and my funerall doune I geve and be quefe to Alice Heardson my sester whom I make and ordeane my full executor of thys my last wyll and testement

Thes being wetnesses Wyllm Heane Xtofer Harbe John Francke


These ys the Invetea of all good & cattel and dets of Wyllm Boorton of Hollwell lat decesed in the county of Lecetour servant to John Hurst of the same county praysed by Wyllm Hurst John Bayley Robert Crosse

Iprymus hys apparellvis viiid
Itm in hys pursevs
Itm iiii ston of wollxxxvis
Itm i half aker of wheatevis viiid
Im xxixti shepeiiii li xiiis iiiid
Thes … the Detes of Wyllm Burton owinge to hym 
Im John Hurstiiii li
Thomas Storrar of Clauson dew to be payde at meelmas last pastiii li vis viiid
Im Wyllm Broune of Boortoniii li
Im … … of …iii li
Im I owe to Mr James Colley of Hoose a bushell of barle 
The sume isxxi li xiiiis xiid