Burrows William 1883 of Nether Broughton will

William Burrows of Nether Broughton 1883 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives DE 462/26

I William Burrows of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester Grazier do make and publish this my last Will and Testament

I give to my two Sons in law, Robert Brett Grocer 12 Lancaster St Lancaster Gate London, & Edwin Woodroffe Baker Denman St New Radford Nottingham All and singular my furniture household goods and Chattels, Farming implements, live and dead stock, Together with all my real and personal property and landed estate consisting of three fields situate at Wymeswold County Leicester and now in the Occupation of Giles Tyler In Trust for the following intents and purposes herein declared

I bequeath to my two daughters Sarah and Hannah fifty pounds each, and I further will and direct that after paying all my just debts Funeral and Testamentary expenses, that my Land shall be sold together with all my live and dead Stock My furniture Linen Plate &c That the proceeds of such Sale or Sales shall be disposed of in the following manner

They shall pay to my Grandson Arthur William Burrows the sum of twenty pounds And my daughter Elizabeth White and her Husband being dead I direct that the remainder of my property after paying the above Legacies be divided into six equal parts one such share to be equally divided among the surviving Children of my said daughter Elizabeth White, and the other five Shares to be give Equally among my other five Children their heirs or Executors namely Sarah Woodroffe, Mary Ann Bowley Hannah Brett Alice Greaves and Martha Grice, share and share alike And I will and direct that should any of them die before receiving the within named bequest that their Children if any be entitled to their share but in case any of them die childless before receiving such legacy, in that case their share shall be equally divided among the survivors

And Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my two Sons in law Robert Brett London and Edwin Woodroffe New Radford before mentioned joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament And I further direct that they shall not be answerable for involuntary losses and that they shall be paid all reasonable Expenses attending the Execution of this my last Will and Testament

As Witness my hand this 12th day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighty two

                                                                                                         William Burrows

Signed and published as and for the last Will and Testament of the within named Testator who in our presence, both being present at the same time, has hereto set his hand And we in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names as Witnesses

Charles Milnes

John Brooks

Proved at Leicester on the Twenty seventh day of August 1883 by the Oaths of Robert Brett and Edwin Woodroffe the Executors to whom Administration was granted

The Testator William Burrows was late of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester Grazier and died on the Twentieth day of July 1883 at Nether Broughton aforesaid

Personal Estate: Gross £449.0.0.  Nett £396.3.0.

Hanwell Holmes Carter Solicitor Nottingham