Burgess Nicholas 1689 of Grimston Inventory

Nicholas Burgess of Grimston 1689 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 44’28 1322/258

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods and Cattell of Nickeolis Burgis of Grimston in the parish of Rothly in the County of Leic: labourer deceased taken August the fith 1689 By us

Imprimis his purse and Apparell0134
In the house   
Item one ould Table forme fire Iron Rakeings and hookes and tow ould Chaires080
In the parlour   
Item one ould Cubbard one bedstead with the beding on it tow Chaires and tow   
Coffers Tow Shelves1100
In the Chamber   
Item tow ould Bedsteads foure ould tubs nine flaxen sheets tow ould Cofers   
eight hempin sheets tow ould matrices one boulster Tow pillowes and other   
ould things280
Item eight fleeces of wooll0100
Item puter and Brase0150
Item three Barills030
Item Twelve sheepe young and ould1134
Item tow Cowes one heifer500
Item one mare and fole and a sadle2100
Item tow piggs0160
Item for hay168
Item foure acres of wheat Rye and barley And three of pease9100
Item for Coales0100
Item for …030
Things unnamed and forgotten  020
The sume totallis is27180

Bond, bound Anne Burgis widow of Grimston, William James of Grimston and John Burgis of Grimson 16 October 1689, condition bound Anne Burgis relict and administrator of Nicholas Burgis of Grimston intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Signum Anne Burges

                                                                                                                William James

                                                                                                                Signum John Burgis