Bugg Henry 1627 of Plungar will and inventory

Henry Bugg of Plungar 1627 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/243 and also a probate copy

The 14 daye of Julye Anno Dni 1626

In the name of God Amen I Henry Bugge of Plungar in the Countye of Leicester yeoman beinge sick in bodye but whole in mynde praysed be God doe make my laste Will and Testament in maner & forme followeing

First I gyve and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almyghtye God and my bodye to bee buryed in the Churchyarde of Plungar aforesayd

Item I gyve to the poore iiis iiiid and to the Churche iis vid

Item I gyve to my sonne Henrye Bugge my three Oxgange of lande whiche my father leafte mee, with all the appurtenances thereunto belonginge and the howse whiche I dwell in

Itm I gyve unto my sonne Thomas Bugge and to his heires for ever one Oxgange of lande and John Cooks howse whiche I bought with the appurtenances thereunto belonginge, or els foure score pounds of good and laufull money of England

And I gyve unto my sonne Thomas all my meadowes in Bottesford meadowes

Itm my will is That yf my sonne Henrye doe paye unto my sonne Thomas fourscore pounds at the daye and tyme when my sonne Thomas shalbee at his age of one and twentye yeares old then my sonne Thomas to have noe lande nor Meadowes but money

Itm I gyve unto my Daughter Marye thirtye pounds of good and laufull money of Englande on this Condicon That her husband Richard Croope shall make a full estate of dowry or feofemente of all his lands within the parishe of Harthstone unto his now wyef for her syfe and theire trooe heirers laufully begotten

Nowe yf the foresayed Richard will not doe this, my will is, That shee shall have but xiid to her whole porcon

Itm I gyve unto my daughter Anne Bugge thirtye pounds to bee payed unto her at the age of one and twentye yeares or at the daye of her marriage which come firste

Itm I gyve utno my wyfe halfe my howshold stuffe, two kyne ten ewwes, the howse which Willyam Orson liveth in and halfe an oxegang of that land which my sonne Thomas should have when he commeth to the age of one and twentye yeares if she live soe longe and after that to have half an oxegange of my sonn Henry land during her life if she keepe her selfe widdow and in my name if she marry then my will is that my sonne Henry to paye unto her twenty poundes and the goods given before and soe to goe her waies

Item I give unto my sonne in lawe Garvise Bellemey for the which I owe him my Lease and Land at Balderton

Itm I gyve alsoe unto my other sonne in lawe Oliver Bellemye seaven pounds which Willm Freeman of Balderton oweth unto mee by bond withe … money for all the porcon whiche I doe owe unto him

Itm I gyve unto George Huddlestone xiid

Itm I gyve unto John Huddlestone one Ewe and one Lambe

Itm my will is That yf my sonne Thomas Cannot agree withe his brother Henrye then his brother Henrye shall gyve yearly unto his brother Thomas xxs a yeare untill his lande or porcon bee gyven into his hands

Itm my will is alsoe That yf my daughter Anne cannot agree withe her brother Henrye Then my sonne Henrye shall gyve unto his sister Anne fourtye shillings a yeare to maintaine her in some other place where shee liketh beste untill shee receaveth her porcon

All the reste of my goods Cattells and Chattells moveable and unmoveable I gyve unto my sonne Henrye Bugge whome I doe make my full and sole Extor of this my laste Will and Testamente to see my bodye brought to the grounde my funerall dischardged and my Legacyes payed

And I make my overseers Edward Wightman and Willm Freeman and I gyve unto them fyve shillings a peece

And I appoint my sonne Henry the overseer of my two Children Thomas & Anne

In witnes whereof I have hereunto setto my hande & seale the daye and yeare firste above written

Henry Bugge

Witnes Edwarde Wightman vicar


An Invitory of all the goods and Cattells of Henry Bugg late of Plungar in the Countye of Lecester yeoman deceased taken and prised the 25th daye of July by Richard Gibbon William Whittle John Blankley And Robert Tales Anno Domini 1626

Imprimis his Apparrell purse and money 5li
Item fourscore and tenn sheep 22li 10s
Ite five meltch beasts three calves five younge beastes 20li
Item towe mares & foales and five other horses 20li
It eight swine 30s
Ite for twoe carts and carte geares Plowes and plowe geares hovells  
and other inner fences 6li
It the cropp uppon the grounde the treaes and other wood 34li
It twoe brewing leades coales quernes and other vessels 3li
It in the house five tables, furmes, buffet stooles and chaires 4s
Ite pewter and brass 30s
It three standing bedsteeds seaven coverlids towe blankets pilloes &  
bolsters 4li
It old corne in the chamber bacon butter and cheese & offoll wooll 20s
It three paire of linnin sheetes three paire of hempen sheetes sixe  
paire of herden sheetes  
nyne napkins twoe pilloe beers and twoe table clothes 50s
Ite the cubbord a press chestes and salting trough 40s
Ite for milke vessells barrells churne wheeles soes 20s
Ite the fyer iron reckon spit cobirons and all other implements forgotten 40s
                                        Suma totalis 129li  

Probate 13 October 1626