Bryan William 1688 of Scalford Will

William Bryan of Scalford 1688 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1688/130

In the name of god Amen the Sixt day of January Anno dni 1688 I William Bryan of Scalford in the County of Leicester gentleman being of good and perfect memory doe make my will in manner following

And first I Comend my Soule to god and my boddy to the Earth & to be decently buryed att the discression of my Executrix

And for my worldly estate I dispose of it as followeth

And first I give to my deare wife Anne Bryan all the goods and Chattles that were hers before I marryed her

Item I give to my daughter Clarke & her husband to each of them a mourning Ring

And for my library of Bookes I give my Sonne Samuell Bryan and my Son William Bryan to be equally devided between them except my hewbrew Byble which I give to my Son Lassells

I allso give to my Son Lassells my best Beaver hat and a mourning Ring

And my will is that after my debts being payed and my funerall expences discharged I give all my personal estate to my daughters Anne Bryan Martha Bryan Mary Bryan and my son William Bryan to be equally devided amongst them

And my will is that yf any of my Children dye before marriage or they Attayne theire severall ages of one & Twenty that then the share or part or parts of him her or them soe dying to be equally devided between the rest of my Children surviveing

Item I make my deere wife Anne Bryan my Sole Executrix

In wittnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale the day & yere above written

                                                                                                                Will. Bryan

Sealed delivered and published in the presence of us

Willam Smart

John Dunmore

Thomas Smart


A Trew and Perfect Inventary of the Goods and Chattles of Wm Bryan late of Scalford in the County of Leicester Deceased Dr of Phissick

Taken the 14th Feby 1699 vallued and Appraysed by Stephen Awood and Wm Smart both of the same Parish as followeth

Imprimis his purse and aparrell at0500000
In the Hall
Two Tables six Chaires one Clock one Still & pann0030500
In the Parler
Two Tables sixteen Chaires one Couch one vyalin one hanging shelfe with
some small pictures one fire Irone shovel & Tonges030500
In the Dary
One Cheese Press with shelves and other Milke vessells001000
In the Cole house
Coles Wood and some ould Cealing011000
In the Buttery
Fifteen Barrells one Thrall one hanging shelfe one Cubbard with some
Bottles and the plate in the Buttery and some other small things060000
In the Brue house
One Lead one paire of Curns five Tubbs two dressers one payle a Cole Rake
and a forke040300
In the Kitching
Twelve Puter Dishes one Duzen of plates six Puter Candlesticks Three brass
Potts five brass Panns one Jack three dressers two Shelves a Trencher Case
with Trenchers a fire Iron a wrack Iron an hoockes fire shovel & Tonges one
salt Trunck spits Cobb Irons & dripping pan and pewter flaggons 2 salts061308
In the Kittching Chamber
One Gunn one Stone Bowe thirty Deale boards six Walnutt Tree planckes
with some other odd wood030000
In the same one Chest one Salt Tubb one Kimdall one Closse heck one Brass
morter some Closse fats five wheeles a Beame & scales and three shelves att010000
In the Studdy
One deske with twoo Tables one Chaire & shelves001000
In the Chamber over the Parlore
Two high Bedds one Trundle bed one chest 4 Little boxes with two feather
Bedds Blancketts & bedding one flock bed one Table one Looking Glasse a fire
Iron with some other small things080000
In the Chamber over the hall
One Bedd & Bedding Two Chests Two Presses one Table an ould warming
Pann a Close Stoole Case011000
In the Chamber over the Porch
One Bedd and Bedding Two Chests one Trunck fower Chaires and some
Wearing Lyning051000
In the Yard
Two Horses and one Mare with sadles & Brydles and other furniture120000
Hay and Straw020000
Swyne & Swyne Troughes030500
One Cow att020000
Barly fower Quarter021000
Two ould Lethers with some Timber in the Barne010000
Sheep fowertene & sheepe Cribbs021000
Things omitted and forgotten  010000

The marke of Stephen Awood

Willam Smart

Exhibited 16 February 1688/9