Brutnell Ralph 1747 of Scalford Will

Ralph Brutnell of Scalford 1747 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1747

In the name of God Amen I Ralph Brutnell of Scalford in the Countey of Leister being weak of body but of perfect memory & under standing prased be God therfor doe make this my Last will and testament in maner & forme following

First I Bequeth my soule into the hands of allmighty God hoping to bee saved onely by the merits and mediation of his son Jesus Christ

My body I bequeath unto the earth from whence it was taken decently to be inteerd at the discretion of my Executrix hoping for a ioyfull resurrection at the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for that worldly Estate which God hath lent mee I dispose of it as followeth

First I give unto my Sun William Brutnell all my Estate pain is sister Mary Brutnell the sum of seventy pounds when she cumes at the age of one & twenty years

Itam I agree that my Sun shall give is sister her bord while she cumes at the age of one & twenty she living we him

Itam I agree that my Sun William Brutnell & mee dorter Mary Brutnall part all the Lenin equely be quext them

All the rest of Goods Chattells & cattels Bills bonds debts dues and demands whatever my debts being payd & fuenell Chearges deducted I give and bequeth unto my Sun William Brutnell whom I make Excatrx of this my last will and testament

                                                                                                                Ralph Brutnell is mark

Signed seled and published October the 8 [hole but bottom of the writing is there and probably indicates “1747”]


Edward Wilford

Thomas Borbidg [his mark]

Ann Marrat

The seventeenth Day of December 1747 William Brudnell the sole Executor within named was Sworne, And at the same time made Oath that all the Deceased’s Personal Estate at his Death was not worth Twenty Pounds

                                                                                                                Before me Gerr: Andrewes Surrogt