Brown Thomas 1559 of Eaton Will

Thomas Brown of Eaton 1559 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1559

In the name of god Amen the xxviii daie of Marche in the yer of our lorde god mdlix I Thomas Brown of Eaton in the countye of Leycester husbandman beying hole of mynde And of perfytte memorye makythe And ordenythe thys my testament & last wyll in maner and fourme as hereafter follythe

Fyrst and pryncipally I gyve my soull unto almyghety god to the intercessyon of the vyrgyn Marye and to all the sanctes in heaven and my boddye to be buryed in the cheurche yarde of sancte guthelake of Eaton afforesayde

Also I gyve to the cheurche of Eaton vid

Also I gyve to the mother cheurche of Lyncolne iid

Also I gyve to every towne cheurche that … nexte unto our feldes iiiid a pec

Also I gyve to every on of my iii dawghters iii li vis viiid a pece to be payd at the tyme of theyr maryges or when they come to yeres of dyscrecyon & to lawfull age

And if any of the sayd iii die before that tyme the parte of that oon shal reyamyn to the other ii

And yet they iii shall have theyr one shepe the which are known to be theyrs

Also I gyve to every of my brothers xpofers Brownes chyldern oon hew oon lam a pece

Also I gyve to Wyllm Key oon hoge shepe

The reysydew of my goodes unbequeythed I gyve to Elezabethe my wyffe whom I make my Full executrix to paye my deytts & to brynge me to the grownd by the onsyght of xpofer Browne my brother whom I make the supervysour & he shal have oon ryeland for his paynes taking

Wytnesse of thys my testament & last wyll Sr Thomas Walkar the vicar Wyllm Bealy & Wyllm Key with other moo

This is the tru Inventorye of the goodes of Thomas Brown of Eaton lately dyscessed preased by iiii honest men Stephen Bealy Alexander Grey Thomas Gervys the eldest & Wyllm Gervys

Fyrst his Apparyllvis viiid
Also all the shetts the coverlets oon mattes & other nappery warrexiiis iiiid
Also ii lytyll brasse pottes ii lytyll pannes & the pewderxiiis iiiid
Also ii Arkes oon Aumerbre oon table oon forme And other woddyn vesselxs
Also ii oxenxls
Also ii maresxxs
Also ii kynexxvis viiid
Also iii yerelyng calffesxxs
Also xx shepexlvis viiid
Also the swyne and the pullen in the yardevs
Also the weyne & the weyne gayresxxs
Also the plowghe and the plowghe gayres withe the hovyll wode in the yardexiiis iiiid
Also the corne in the Feldes & in the townexls
Sum totalsxiii li xvs