Brown Michael 1579 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Michael Brown of Long Clawson 1579 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1579/66

In the name of god amen in the yeare of our Lorde god 1579 the xix daye of Aprill and in the xxi yeare of the reaign of Elyzabethe by the grace of god quene of Englande France and Ierlande Defender of the faythe &c wytnissythe that I Mychaell Browne of Claxton in the Countye of Lycester yoman being sycke of body but whole of mynde & in good and perfecte remembrance thankes be geven to allmyghty god do mayke and ordayne thys my laste wyll and testament in maner and forme following that ys to saye

Fyrst I bequethe my soule to allmyghte god my maker and Redemer and my body to be buryed in the parishe churche of Claxton aforesayd

It I geve unto the pore mans boxe of Claxton xiid

It I geve unto the Repare of the hye waye betwexte the churche and my howsse iis

Allso I geve and bequethe unto Jone Browne my wyfe my halfe of the parsonage or tythe of Claxton to her & her assignes during the yeares therein contained wythe all my full tytelle estate & intereste whyche I have or oughte to have in the sayd lease by the laste wyll and testimente of Jone Browne my mother wythe all maner of howses taxe or tenements therein contained

Allso I geve unto the sayd Jone Browne my wyfe thys my howsse whiche I nowe do dwelle in wythe the appurtenances & all thyngs ther unto belonging during the yeares of the sayd howse as ys specyfyed in my lease that I have of the same howse

Allso I geve unto Alles Browne my dawghter lx l

It I geve unto Margarette Browne my dawghter lx l to be payed to ether of them the daye of ther marege and I wyll that yf yt shall please god to caulle ether of my to dawghters before they come to lawfull age that then I wyll her parte to remeane to her syster and yf god be pleased to caulle bothe my dawghters before they come to lawfull age that then I wyll that both ether partes shall remeane wholle to Jonne my wyfe

Allso the resedew of my goodds unbequethed bothe moveable and unmoveable I geve them wholly unto Jone my wyfe whome I mayke my full and sole executrisse of thys my laste wyll and testament And I constitute and appointe Jhon Smythe and Thomas Smythe my bretherin the supvisors of thys my laste will desyering them for godds cawsse to see thes my legaces performed and thys my will fullfylled and keppte

Thes wytnesses Wyllyam Smythe Clearke Xpfer Goodwin clearke Rychard Byarde Thomas Smythe Robarte Cawnte allias Smythe Jhon Smythe and Wyllyam Hycling

Detts Wyche I the sayd Mychaell Browne doo owe at the date herof

Imprimis unto Alles Cowlbe for Wyllyam Browne my brother sonne vi l xiiis iiiid

It to Mychaell Browne my brother Rychard Browne sonne vi l xiiis iiiid

Detts Wyche the forsayd Mychaell Browne hathe owing hym at the date herof

Imprimis Wyllyam Byarde dothe owe me the sume of xvi l Wyche I have Recorded of hym by … by lawe as by wrytte of execution and tachemente for the same dothe Wytnesse yf the party wold have bene founder

This ys the trewe Inventory of all the goodds and cattells of Mychaell Browne deceassed valued and prysed the iiii daye of Maye by thes men Whosse names be subscribed Edwarde Mowre Robarte Cawnte Allias Smythe Henry Holte & Rychard Lynse

Imprimis hys apparell & mone in hys pursse iii l
It xii kye xvi l
It vi yonnge beasse iiii l
It iiii calves xxxiiis
It iii … horsse vi l
It iii mayres & a fylly vi l
It iii very simple horsse kynde xxvis viiid
It xx wether sheppe vi l
It l cople of yowes & lambes xiii l xs
It iii score other holding sheppe viii l vis viiid
It ix swine xxxs
It xii weaning pyggs xiis
It the croppe of corne sowen xxx l
It the mede grounde
It one quarter of weate xiiis iiiid
It ii quarters of rye xxiis
It ii quarters of barly xvis
It vi quarters of mawlte iii l vis
It the carte & carte gears x l vis viiid
It one olde wean a … & wain geares xxviiis iiiid
It the plowes and plowe geares xxs
It a payre of quernes & plowe tymber xxs
It the … & pales wythe other wodde xxs
It iiii harrowes xiiis iiiid
It the tymber of one hovel vs
It the weate … in towe … iiiis
It the … xiis
It the implements in the kylne howse vis viiid
It the implements in the … xiis
It the [in fold]
It all the iorne ware abowte the fyer
It the baken flyckes xxvis viiid
It all the implements in the deary howse xs
It certaine … ware iiiis
It the puter xxxiiis
It the brasse iii l xs
It the bedding & bedsteads wyth napery ware ix l
It a copeborde and coffer xiiis
It all the implements in the hawle xxxs
It a … of sylver xls
It ix sylver spones xls
                                                           Suma totalis 144 li 8s

Probate 9 October 1579