Brown Ellis 1647 of Nether Broughton will and inventory

Ellys Browne of Nether Broughton 1647 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1647/68

xxiii die March Anno Dom 1646

In the name of God Amen the Daie & Yeare above Written I Ellys Browne of Nether Broughton in the Countie of Leicester Yeoman sicke in bodie, but in good & perfect Remembrance (The Lord be praised therefore) Doe Constitute & make this my last will & Testament in manner followinge

First I give & bequeath my Soule to Allmyghtie God my Maker and Redeemer, Trustinge onelie to be Saved by the Infinyte Mercies and merrittes of Jesus Christ my onelie Saviour & Redeemer And my bodie I Comytt to the earth to be buried in the parish Church of Nether Broughton aforesd

And I Doe give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my Wife my Two Closes of meadow or pasture ground Called the Mott Close & the Close by the Churchyard side And allsoe Comons of pasture for two mares or geldins and for Three kine heafors or bullocks within the pasture of Nether Broughton aforesd called the greate Grange Close & in the feilds and libties of Nether Broughton aforesd which said Comons are now belonginge to the Messuage or tente in Broughton aforesd wherein I now dwell to have houlde & enjoy the Same for and Duringe her naturall life

And I Doe allso give & bequeath unto my Saide Wife afore named five of my best kyne And all my pewter & brassed brewinge vessells tables Cheares formes stooles Cupboards with all my woole bed & bedinge both lynnen & woollen (one bedstead with sufficient bedcloaths and furniture for the same onelie excepted)

Moreover my full mynde & will ys that myne executor herein after named shall well & trulie satisfie & paie unto my wife Elizabeth The some of fourtie pounds of lawfull money of England Att or upon the Eleaventh Daie of November next

And I doe allso give unto my saide Wife the hallfe part of all my Wheate Rye & barley in my house & barne And the hallfe part of all my butter Cheese & bacon And one oxgange of Corne nowe sowen & allso the hallfe partte of one Swine hogge

Item I doe give & bequeath unto my daughter Margarett Browne the some of Three score pounds of Lawfull money of England to be paied unto her the seconde day of Februarie nexte comeinge and allsoe an heafer

And allsoe I doe give & bequeath unto my daughter Marie Browne the some of Three score pounds of Lawfull money of England to be paied unto her uppon the day of her mariage or the age of one and twentie And allso an heafer

Itm I give unto my sonne Henrie Browne six shillings in full contentacon & satisfaccon of his Childs partte

And I doe allso give Unto my Daughter Joan Radforth the wife of Thomas Radforth Sixe shillings of lawfull money in full Contentacon of her Childs part

I Doe allso give & bequeath unto my grand Child Elizabeth Wright one ewe lamb

And allsoe I doe give unto Richard Tayler my servant one other ewe hogge to be Delivered unto them within foure weeks after my Decease

All the rest of my Goods moveable & unmoveable Cattell and Chattells whatsoever unbequeathed I Doe Give and bequeath Unto Lyonell Browne my Sonne Whome I doe make Sole Executor of this my last will & Testament

And I Doe utterlie renownce all former Wills & testaments and soe rest in the mercies of God abideinge his good pleasure

In Testymonye hereof I the Saide Ellys Browne have hereunto Sett my hande & Seale the daie & Yeare Within Written

                                                                                                         Ellis Browne his marke


William Brett

Henry Browne

Richard Taylour


xxvi die Aprilis Anno Dom 1647

A true Inventorie of all the goods Cattell and Chattells of Ellis Browne late of Nether Broughton in the Countye of Leicester deceased valued and prised by them whose names are here underwritten the day and yeare above written as followeth

Imprimis his purse girdle and his apparel 2 10 0
Item in the house one table with the frame a Settle a forme      
two cheares two Stooles one cupboard one Ambrey one soe      
and foure kitts 1 0 0
Item one fyer iron a gallowtree a fyer spatterne a paire of      
tongs and foure hookes 0 3 8
Item two Brasse potts three panns foure kettells three brasse      
 Candlesticks one chafen dish 2 6 8
Nine pewter dishes two salt sellers 0 13 4
Item in the parlor beinge the farther two bedsteads two      
coverletts three blanketts a mattrice and a flocke bed one      
table one Chist two Coffers foure paire of flaxen sheets and      
six paire of hempen six pillows and three boultsters a dozen      
of table napkins and two table cloathes and two towels 7 16 0
Item in the hither parlor four old Coffers and all the Neyles      
of what sort soever 2 3 0
In the Milkehouse foure Barrells Seaven tilney potts foure      
panchens six cheese fatts a cheese board two formes two      
leather bottells with other implements there 1 3 4
In the kitchin a cheese presse a paire of querns three tubs      
a churne one woollen wheele and two linnen wheeles a      
forme with implements theare 1 6 0
Item in the Chamber one bedstead two Coverletts a blankett      
a mattrice three old coffers three tubs two barrells one      
quarter of mault 3 0 0
In the far chamber a cheese hecke six shelves twenty five      
cheese twenty eight pownds of butter two bacon flicks one      
ston of woole two scutls three sines 3 1 6
In the stable five mares and a geldein two foles four paire      
of geares five paire of plow geares and two carts eight      
Axeltrees one dozen of shelboards two iron harrowes      
two plows two coutlers two shares with other plow timber      
with other implements 36 10 0
In the barne some wheate some barley and some pease      
some threshed and some unthreshed with a hay stacke in the      
mott close 9 0 0
Item in the yard foure leathers foure bease fleakes seaven      
fould fleakes five peeces of oake timber and two peeces in      
the streete 5 0 0
Item three Swyne five henns and a cocke 2 2 0
Item in the feild two oxgangs of corne and grasse 20 0 0
Item seaven younge bease in the woulds close 20 0 0
Five ewes and lambs two barren ewes and seaven hoggs 7 0 0
Fourteen melch kyne and two heaffers 55 0 0
Item five dozen of horse lockes and four and some old iron 4 5 0
Three paire of scales one leaven tubb and six … with all other      
Implements forgotten 0 13 0
Two peeces of linnen cloath at the weavers 1 10 0
Item five younge bease in the woulds close 15 0 0
Three ewes and lambs and three barren ewes 3 0 0
Item in bonds and money 50 0 0
Lastly all mannor in the yeard     2 0 0
                                                                                                             Sum 256 3 2

William Brett

William Worsedale his marke

George Wright his marke

All appears to be written in the hand of William Brett and there is no mark for the other two appraisers

Probate to Lionelle Browne son and executor