Brown Ellis 1559 of Nether Broughton will and inventory

Ellis Brown of Nether Broughton 1559 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1559/45

In the name of god Amen the iiii daye of December In the yere of our lord god mccccclix I Ellys Brown of Nether Broughton beyng In hole mynde & perfyt in Remeberans make here my last wylle and testament In maner and forme foloyng

Fyrst I bequethe my soule unto Allmyghty god and my body to be beryyd in the chyrche yard of Broughton

Also I bequethe to the pore mans boxe iiiid

Also I geyve to the Reparying of the chyrche xiid

Also I geyve to the chyrche of Dalbe vid

Also I geyve to the chyrche of … Broughton vid

Also I geve to the chyrch of Yalyn vid

Also I geyve to every one of god childeren iiiid

Also I gevye to Wyllyam Browne chylderyn unto every one of them vid

Also I geyve unto Thomas Browne my Eldyst sonne in lawfull money of Yngland to hys chylds parte xv li

Also I geyve unto Wyllyam Browne my second sonne to hys parte x li

Also I geyve unto Rychard Browne my youngest sonne x li

Also I geve unto Joan Browne my dowyghter x li

Also I wyll that yf any of my chylderyn do dey that theyr parte do remain unto the hother

Also I geyve to Annys Fayxe ii shepe

Also I geyve to Rychard Wryghte and to Thomas Debyn and Wyllyam Roussun [?] to every one of them iiiid

Also I gevye and bequethe my Indentor of my house unto Elsebethe my wyfe during heyre wydohede and then yt to remein unto Thomas Browne my Eldyst sonne and for want of Thomas I wylle that yt remein unto Wyllyam Browne my sonne and for wante of them ii I wyll that yt remein unto Rychard Browne my sonne … to Joan my dowyghter

The resydue of my goods not beqethyd I geyve unto Elsabethe my wyfe who I make my full execetryx

Also I make Wyllyam Browne and Rychard Browne my brotheryn over sears of thys my layste wylle Also I wyll that hether of them have xiid for theyr labor

And also I wylle that Rychard Browne have my leysthe [lease?] of my house In yt kepyng for the be house of my chylde

Thes men beyng wytness Rychard Wryght Thomas Debyn Wyllyam Roussun and Jhon … wythe other mo

Inventoria summa bono Ellys Browne de Nether Broughton apriato per Thoma Debyn Roberta Wryght Rycarda Wryght Willm Roussun

Imprimis money howyng unto hym xii li xis ixd
It ii oxson and iii steris … iiii calvys xix li
Itm iii mares ii colts a feylle v li
Itm vii score shepe xvi li vis viiid
It iii quarters of weytt v quarts of barley v qts of peyse v li iis viiid
Ite x stryks of weytt hey sown xii stryks of malte vii of oats xxviiis iiiid
It v swine vi geyse xii hennys a cocke xiiiis iid
It braysse pewter candyllstycks wythe hother tyne ware xlviiis
It vii st…s of woylle xliis
It a coverled wythe hother beddyng xxs
It sheytts newe clothe towylls with hother lynyng v li iiiis
It a …bre bords forms stoyllys with other stuffe xxvs iiiid
It ii wenys plowys yowks … … howvylls and hey trey wythe other woyde treys v li
It heyrne geyz a bowytt the fyar harthe iiiis
                                 Summa totalis lxxvii li vis xid