Bringest Dorothy 1594 of Eaton Inventory

Dorothy Bringhest of Eaton 1594 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/13/9

The Inventory of all and singuler the goodes & debtes of Mrs Dorothye Bringhest of Eaton late wiffe of Willm Bringhest de eadem in the Countye of Leic deceased praised the xxiiith of October By Nicholas Wildman and John Sommer

Inprimis her wearing Apparell with one gowne and all that belongeth thereunto lying at Redmell at
Wm Ardens house & her purse withall thereinx li
Itm ii Bedds with one Truckle Bed and theire furniture that belongeth to themvii li
Itm ii Chests with Lynnens within themiiii li
Itm v Qushions with Two Carpetts & painted cloathes that hanges about the Chamberxxxiiis iiiid
Itm ii Chests with flax and yarne with other lynnen therinxiis
Itm one little Cofferiis
Itm pewter dishes & sawcersxiiiis iiiid
Itm Candlesticks & one little skellettvs iiiid
Itm one Cloakexxvis viiid
Itm one frame Counter with one forme & another Buffitt forme & one stoolexs viiid
Itm one borded cheare and one stoolexviiid
Itm one Lynnen wheelexxd
Itm one great pannxxs
Itm ii olde pannesvis
Itm one little kettle with one biggarvis viiid
Itm one greate pott of brassexiis
Itm ii more pottsxvs
Itm one little skellett i fraying pann & one skimmeriiis
Itm one fireiron i paire of Tongesiiis iiiid
Itm one barr of yron & ii hanglesiiis iiiid
Itm i paire of Cobbards and spittevis viiid
Debts oweing to the defunct
Inprimis by Henry Marshallxl li
Itm my Wm Tomson of Eatonv li xiiis iiiid
Itm by Henry Jervisxviiis iiiid
Itm by John Bringhest parson of Walthamviii li
Itm for the yeares of the farmexx viii li
Itm one Cheare in the hallxiid
Itm things forgottenvs
Som Tolisiicliii li iis iid

Exhibited 23 February 1594/5