Brewster Richard 1599 of Scalford Will

Richard Brewster of Scalford 1599 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/220/45

June 7 Elizabeth Regine 41 Ano 1599

In the name of god amen I Rychard Brustar of Scalford in the countye of Leicester Tayloure sick in body but whole in  mind and of good and perfecte memory thanks be to god therefore do make and ordeine this my last will and testament in maner and forme followeinge

First I bequeath my soule to almighty god and my bodie to be buryed in the church yard of Scalford aforesaid

Itm I geve and bequethe unto Agnes my wife xiii li vis viiid

Itm I geve and bequeath unto Jhon Brustar my brother ii ewes and lambes at his own choise for the monie I owe him, one Russet coate a payre of hose of the same, a paire of knit neather stockes and a shirt

Itm I geve unto Margery Brustare the daughter of Nycholas Brustar one bedstead standinge in the chamber, a mattryse, one paire of flaxen sheets, the best coverlet, one boulster, and one pillowe, so that she geve unto Kathrin Parkar xs or else the said Kathrin shall geve unto the said Margery (yf she refuse to geve xs) tenne shillings and she then shall have the said legacy bequeathed unto the said Margery as afore\

Itm I geve and bequeath unto Rychard Brustare sonne of Nicholas Brustar one ewe and lambe, and my portione of the close called the More hall close

Itm I geve unto either of the two sonnes of Willm Hill and Isable my sister two ewes and lambes, and all my apparell of the … …

Itm I geve and bequeathe unto William Moore sonne of Hughe Moore and Rychard Bery sonne of Willm Bery either of them one barren sheepe

Itm I geve and bequeathe unto Elizabethe Burke one bedstead standing in the south side of the parlour, a mattrise a coverlet and a pillowe

Itm I geve unto Kathern Parkare xs and one gray cassock

Itm I geven unto Alice …ly one barren ewe

Itm I geve unto Jhon R… one greene coate one paire of nether stockes of the[MJ1]  same, and one paire of over hose of the same

Itm I geve and bequeath unto xxtie of the poorest cottygars in Scalford xxs

Itm the reste of my goods unbequeathed, by debts discharged, and my funerals dispached, I geve and bequeathe unto Robart Palmer the sonne of Rogear Palmer, and to Rychard Brustar whome I make and ordeine my lawfull and full executors unto this my last will and testament

Itm I make and ordeine Hughe Moore and Seth [?] Hosse supervisors to this my last will and testament and either of them to have for their paines iis vid

In wittnes whereof I the above named Rychard Brustar of Scalford aforesaid have hereunto sett my hand the day and yeare above written in the presence of thes wittnesses

                                                                                                                Rychard Brustare [his mark]

Willm Bincks

Willm Moore

Richard C…

A … of my debts

Itm oweinge to Christopher Watchehorne            iiiis

Itm oweinge to Robarte Parlmer                                                iiiis viiid

Itm oweinge to Hellen Wells                                        xs

On reverse

Robt. Palmer fil Regem Palmer de Wartnabye husbandman

Rich. Brustar fil Nicho Brustar de Wartnabye Laborer

Robt. Palmer … husband. de Wartnabye

Probate 27 June 1599


A true & perfect inventorye of the goods and chattles of Robart Brustar late of Scalford in the countye of Leicester Taylour taken and praysed the 23th day of June 1599 by us Hugh Collington, Raffe Gilbart, Lodwicke [no surname given, probably Kemp], Hughe Moore, husbandmen and Willm Midleton taylour

Im primis his apparellxiiis iiiid
Itm iii brasse pottsxvis
Itm vi brasse pannes and kettlesxvis
Itm iiii pewtar chargers, vi small platters, ii candlesticks one chaffingdish one salt 
one pewtar pottexiis
Itm one table with frame and two formesvs
Itm one olde cubboard, one penne, and formevis viiid
Itm one little table one forme, one chair, one stoole, on cheese and one little plankeiis viiid
Itm one fire iron, one fire shovel, one paire of tongs, with pott hingles and one hachetxxs
Itm old wood in the chamberxvid
Itm one bedstead iii coverings, one mattrise two bolstares ii blanketsxxvis viiid
Itm one other bedstead, one mattrise, one coverlet, one payre of sheets 
one bedstead one pillowexxs
Itm one other bestead with painted clothes about it, one mattrise, one coveringe, 
one pilloweviis
Itm iii paire of harden sheets and one board cloth one towelvs
Itm v …xiis
Itm the buttery with all things in it two pailes, one churne, one prassevs viiid
Itm two little leathersviiid
Itm one old hovell and other wood about the yardexs
Itm ii kine, and calves, two yearelinge calvesvii li
Itm xiiii barren sheepeiiii li
Itm one olde hovell and xiii ewes and lambesv li xs
Sum totalisxxiiii li xis viiid