Brewster Richard 1546 of Holwell Will

Richard Brewster of Holwell 1546 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1546/20

In the name of god amen the xxiiii day of May In the yere of oure lorde god mcccccxlvi I Richard Bruster of Holwell holl of mynd do make my testament & last will as after foloweth

Fyrst I bequath my sole to god almygtyte & to oure lade sant Mary & to all the company of heyvyne & my body to be buryd in the churcheyarde of Abketylby

It to the lady of Lynckongeiiiid
It to the hy auteriid
It to busshell of barle to abkettylbe church 
It to busshell of barle to Holewell chapell 
It a stryke of molte to Syssonby chapell 
It to Scalforde churcheiiiid
It to Claxtone churcheiiiid
It to Jhone my sonea ewe & a lame
It to Wyllym my sonea herfore
It to everye one of my god childreniid
It halfe a trentall to be done for my sole 
It to evary howse in the towne and paresa … worth

It I wyll that the rest of my goods be devyded in thre parts one parte to my wyfe & tow to my chyldren after the pronysyone of my wyfe & Thomas my sone my exsektors and Jhone Hurste my supervysar of my last wyll

Wytnessyng hereof Wyllyam More Jhone Hnefrey Richard Iarlande


Inventory of Richard Brewster of Holwell appraised by William More pastor John Hurst Robert Cross Thomas … and Robert Collington

Fyrst in the howse a borde a forme & ii cheresxiid
It the hangyng in the hawle & iiii chussyngesxvid
It the amber the … & for stowlesiiis iiiid
It in the kechene pottes & panesxxxs
It a schawfyng dyse & candilstekesiiiis
It xxiiii pesas of puter xii porrygers ii saltes v sawsersxxiis
It a speete & ii cobards a fryyng pane & a brandiarneiiis
It a lead and a pere of quernesvis viiid
It a shepfatte vi lowmes iiii pele & a schorneviiis
It a wyndocloth & iiii seckes the stryke hopp ii scuttels & syvesiiis iiiid
It ii arkes & ii cofers iii scaudyng leddsvs viiid
It ii matters a bed hylyng & v coverleddsxiiis iiiid
It napry wareliiis iiiid
It the apparelxvis
It hovel tymber bordes wyth other … wode & plow tymbarxls
It hayvis iiiid
It harowes & iarne warevs
It … wymbles & other iarne warevs
It ii cartes & gaeresxxxs
It vi horsses & mares & a cowltev li
It ix keyv li vis viiid
It vi yonge … & iiii cawesliiis iiiid
It xx shepeiii li vis viiid
It vii swyneixs
It the powtry wareiiis iiiid
It the croppev li
It ii quarter of molte and other grenexxs
It a hyve & a swormevs
Suma totalisxl li xs