Brewin Lionel 1680 of Nether Broughton Inventory

Lionel Brewin/Brown of Nether Broughton 1680 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/82/118

October the 6 1680

A true and perfecte Inventory of all the Goods Chatteles and Chattles [sic] of Lyna Brewen Ioren Monger late of Neather Browtton deceased taken and prized as followeth by us Willm Marke Thomas Wright & Ellis Browne

Inprimis his apparrill Girdell purse and Money in itt30000
In the Hall and Chimney
A Table and frame A Cubbard and two Joyned Stooles three Chaires A glasses
Caises and other small things1156
A fire Ioren and gallowe three [sic] A fire showel thongs The Bellowes and
hookes with other Sma Iorenes136
In the Parlor
A Cubbard three Baxis one Chiste one Chaire1106
In the Chambres
Three Beadesteades and Beddinge upon them2106
Allsoe foure peaire of flaxin shites and one peaire of hempen shites and other
Small linnin theaire3106
Allsoe A Sett of Corttaines and other Small Thinges1000
Foure theene pound of wooll two Chaires three wheeles the househould
proviesson and other small things2106
Allsoe one halland shite and ten yairdes of Cloath10000
In the Kittchen and Dearreay
A Chiesse presse one … and Coalls two barrilles … and other Small Thinges1100
Allsoe the puter and Brasse one pott theaire200
The weaightes and the scales other Small thinges0036
Three Mares Three Cowes one heifer one steaire And two weaninge Callfes
and two swine180000
Alsoe Eaight theene sheepe21400
The Carte and Carte geaires the plowe and plowe geaires3100
Allsoe the harrowes and hoffille the horse rackes and the Mangeres20000
Allsoe Eaighte Acker of land in the Fallowe feilde prepareade to be Sowen3000
The Chropp of Coren and hay33100
Allsoe Thinges nott viewed or forgotten001000
The sum is84186

Exhibited 12 October 1680

Lionel Brown Nailour buried Nether Broughton 22 September 1680