Braybrooke Thomas 1541 of Stathern will and inventory

Thomas Braybrooke of Statherne 1541 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1541/11

In dei nome Amen Be ytt known that I Thos Braybroke of Statherne in the countie of Leicester beyng of hooll & good memory make my last wyll & testament in form & maner folowyng

Fyrst I bequeth my soule to the mercy of god & and body to be buryed in the church yard of Statherne

Also I gyff to the high auter of Statherne xxd to the comty of the towne iis to the byyng of a coop to Statherne church xxvis viiid to a prest for a … v li … … yf ytt canat so be done to mendyng of by ways Statherne xliiis iiid which I wyll … parsone & Wyllm Rows shall se ytt expentt therein

It I gyff to my goodchylde … xxd to Johne Alyn chydleyne iis & to every on of them on ewe

It I wyll my executors shall spend at my buriall sevntt day & thyrty day iii li vis viiid

It I gyff to Margarett my syster iii li vis viiid to Thos Rows Nycolas Rows sone on ew & on hoge

It I gyff to every cochare house of Statherne xiid & to Johne Rows doghter of Melton on ew & to Wyllm Rows doghter on ew

It I gyff to every chylde of Johne Alyns on ew & iis in money

It I gyff to Johne Pylwode vs & to Peter Pylwode vs

It I confyrme & finally stablyss my … & … … in a … … to … feofers in the ix day of September in the yere of our soverant king Henry the eghtt xxxiii whych I wyll shall be inviolable … my … ys that the forsaide feofers shall kep or cause to be kept an obytt or herday for me & Esabell my wyff yerly wherein shall be spent xiiiid to poor people bred & … iiid to the curat for a dirge & iid in the offering

& the residue I wyll … Vic[MJ1] ar Smythe & hys successors in the chantry of Stathern shall have to keep the … of halves & to pray for me & my wyff aforesaide

Also I make my executorys Esabell my wyff Wyllm Rows of Statherne & John Rows of Melton & to every on of them I gyff xxs for executing of my Wyll & disposing of my goods whereof the residue nott bequethyde (after a equall division be maad between me & my wyff) I wyll they shall be distybutt to poor people & … good … after the dyscrecone of my executorys

Maad the xii day of September in the yer of king Henry the eghtt xxxiii

Wyttneses of the fyrst part … Richard Smyth priest Robt Bayly Nycolas Rows & to the last part … parson Ryc Smyth John Alyne of Statherne with other moo

The Invetuary of Thos Braybroke of Stathern mad the xx day of September in the yer of our lord mcccccxli by James Middelton John Wylson John Sharpe Robt Rows Jylls Braty… neybours of Statherne aforesaide

Fyrst vi scoor shepe vi li
Also ii oxes xxvis viiid
It ii ky xxs
It ii qwees xs
It ii maars xs
It xxx stone of wooll vi li viis vid
It ii quarters of weett & ry xiiis iiiid
It vi quarters of Barly xviiis
It iiii quarters of pees xvis
It hay xiid
It on wayne with geer thereto belonging & a plow xiis
It in bras xs
It pewter vis
It in napery waar xvis
It ii coverledds & on bedhillyng viis
It iiii swine vis viiid
It a payr of querns iis
It bedsted Arks stools & fyrns vis viiid
It iii quarters malt xviiis
It … xiiis iiiid
It henns with … pullyn xiid
It in detts owing to hyme xxii li ixs
It in golde & money xiiii li
                                                    Sum … lix li vs xid