Braybroke Isabell 1541 of Stathern will and inventory

 Isabell Braybroke of Stathern 1541 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1541

In dei nome Amen Be ytt known that I Esabell Braybroke of Statherne in the xxii day of Sept in the year of our Lorde mcccccxli make my last Will & testament in manner & forme folowyng

Fyrste I bequethe my Soule to the mercy of god & my body to be buried in the church yarde of Statherne aforsaide

Also I gyf to the High auter of Statherne for tythes forgotten xxd to byyng of a vestment xxvis viiid & to mendyng of hy ways be the hands of … parsone & Wyllm Rows vis viiid

It I wyll they shall be present at my burial seventhday & thyrttyday iiil

It I gyf to Thos my son xxs to Elisabethe my doghter xxs & to Agnes my doghter 1 stone of woll

It I gyf to every one of my godchildren iiid to Esabell Rows 1 violet pestell to Margaret Rows my Posytt Pestell

It I gyf to Agnes my doghter 1 doved guy to Thos Doubleday a cott of sackcloth

It I gyf to Emott Wragby my Whytt petycott to … Barns my Posytt cott to Elinor Wyd my new smoke to Emott Wragby iiiid & one stryke of malt to Barns wyff viiid to Margaret Maselde viiid & to Wyd Wyff viiid

Also I wyll my goods shall be divided in ii parte whereof the one part shall be divided amongst my Chydrene by equall porctions & the other shall be done for me in manner & forme aforsaide & the residue thereof shall be equally divided among my children aforesaid

Also I make my executors Wyllm Rows John Rows Nycolas Rows & Thos Rows & to every one of them I gyf vis viiid for theyr labours

Wyttnesses to this wyll be … parsone of Stathern John Wylson of … & John Rows of Melton with other men

No signatures of testator nor witnesses


The Inventorye of Esabell Braybroke of Statherne made the xviii day of October in the year of our lord mccccxli by Thos Crewe John Sharpe & John Wylsone neybours of Statherne aforsaide

First yt yt to be considered that hyr goods & the goods of Thos Braybroke hyr husbande latt deptd be at one & … … of hys goods which extendide to the sume of Six l vs xid

We have take all the expenses legaces & … charges which … to the sume of xxii l vis viiid

Also the … of Esabell Brayborke hathe added to the forsayd sum of xxxvi l xixs iiid in money vi l … hole sum of hyr Inventorie & goods ys xlii l xixs iiid

Sum xlii l xix s iiid