Booth Nicholas 1595 of Goadby Marwood Inventory

Nicholas Booth of Goadby Marwood 1595 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/15/30

This is a Trewe & perfect Inventorye of All the goods and Cattle of Nicholas Boothe late of Gawdbye Marwood in the County of Leic yeoman deseaced made the fyrst daye the instant monethe of September in Seven & Thirtye yeare of the Raigne of our most Gratius Soverainge Ladye Elyzabethe by the grace of god of England France & Ireland queene defender of the faithe etc praysed indeferentlye by Willm Whythead of Wyckham in the foresead Com gent Willm Portman of Eastwell in the same Com gent Thomas Noble of Gawdbye in the same Com gent Richard Taylor of Womedham in the Sam Com yeom & Hughe … of Wycham in the same Com yeom & others as follows

Inprimis his Apparelliii li vis viiid
In the Hall One Table & Tressell with a Carpett ii formes ii old Chaires with all the Irons about
the fyre the pricexiiiis iiiid
In the upper parlor one bedstaid with Cortains & vallains pricexxvis viiid
It ii Coverings ii blanketts pricexxxs
It one featherbed one bolster one matteris ii pillows pricexxviiis
It one Table with a frame vi stooles & one Chayre pricexs
It one Carpett & iii Cossyans pricevis viiid
It one Cobbered pricexxvis viiid
It xxti pownds of wollen yarn by estim pricexxiiis
In the nether parlor Two bedsteads with testers over them pricexxs
It ii bedhillings one featherbed ii mattersses ii bolsters ii blancketts & ii pillows pricexliis iiiid
It one prasse ii Coffers priceiiiis
It one other bedhillinge pricexs
It fowre paire of flaxen sheyts iiii paire of hempen sheyts & xii paire of harden sheyts priceiiii li xvis viiid
It iiii pillow baires priceiiiis
It vi table Clothes ii dosyn of table napkins ii Towells pricexixs iiiid
In the madys parlor & servants Chamber
It ii bedsteads ii bedhillings one matteris vi Sackes one wyndowclothe ii Toobs one old Coffer
& sheepskins ii Lynnen wheyles halfe one quarter of Rye with Certain other wood in the Same
Chamber priceslvs vid
In the dayhouse iii brasse potts iii Cettles one posnett one Chafingdishe one Scommer one
drippinge pan ix peices of pewter 1 Salt ii Candlestyckes ii Lytle basons iii Sawcers one Chamber
pott pricelis
It one Cheis prass all the mylke vessells one saltinge Trowghe 1 dishebenche vi Chesfats ii bords
& ii Tressells priceviis vid
In the Cheis chamber Twentye Cheices iii potts of booter one Cheyse Racke iii bords & ii
Tressells pricexxiiiis iid
In the Kytchine one brewynge Layde iii Toobs ii Cowlls vi paills 1 stryke 1 Tryvett one
Salltinge Trowghe with a Cover & vii Lode of Colles priceiii li xiis
In the butterye iii barrells & one Thrall pricevs
It Two Layces in Gawdbye Granted bye Sir George Vyllers unto Nycholas Boothe Contayninge vi
yard Lands & Sum whatt more priceCli
It ix Sylver spoons pricexlvs
It all the Cropp of Corn in the feyld & the barne pricexl li
It fyftye Lode of haye pricexvi li
In the feyld xiiii Acres of fallows priceiii li xs
It one fold of Trayes pricexiiis iiiid
It Seven score & ii old shepe & xviii lambs pricexlviii li
It xiii myltche kye xi Yonge beasts one bull & ix wayninge Calves pricexl li
It iii yearynge Colts vii Cartt horses & mares 1 fole pricexxiii li
It iiii drawght oxen pricexiii li
It xvi Swyne & viii pigs pricevi li
In the yard All the hovells & hovell tymber pricexxvis viiid
It all the other wood in the yard pricels
It ii plowes with plow geares pricexs
It the beasts standings priceiiis iiiid
In the stable … Mangers & plow tymber pricexiiis iiiid
It … wayn and wayn gaires pricelvs
Summa huius Three hundred xii pownds Syxten Shillings & Two pence finis Gawdbye
The perfect Inventorye of all the goods & Cattle in Wyckham as folowythe
Inprimis one Lease pricexxxi li
In the Hall one … Table pricevs
In the parlor one Coobberd pricevs
In the mylkhous ii bords with pailes & mylke vessells pricevs
It in the Chamber Butter & Cheis pricexliis
It ii bords 1 old Toobb one Cheys Cratcheiis
It one Trondle bediiis
It in the barne one Shepfatt pricexiiiis
In the feyld Thyrtye Acres of pays & barlye pricexxx li
It xx lods of haye pricevi li xiiis
It twentye acres of fallowsv li
In the stable one manger with beastes standyngsiiis iiiid
It iii hovyll posts 1 Sydep… with Certain other wood lynge upon the Same hovellviis
In the feyld Three Score & xvi old shepe & fower score & x lambsxlviii li
It iiii kye & one Calf priceviii li vis
It one fold of Trays price xiiis iiiid
Summa huius one hundred Thyrtye fowre powds & Eleven shyllynge finis Wyckham
The perfect Inventorye of all the goods & Cattle in Eaton As folowythe
In the Hall In primis one Table priceiiis iiiid
It one Cowle ii pailes 1 Cymnell one Cettle & one Chaire priceviiis
In the parlor one bedstayd one matteris ii bedhillings and one bolster pricexxvs
In the mylkehouse one Saltinge Trowghe one toobb iii Cheys bords 1 paire of tressell wyth all the
mylke vessells priceviiis
In the feyld Seven Swyne pricexlvis
It ii mares with ii folesvii li
It vi … boollockes & ii stayres pricexviii li
In the wooll hous one parcel of woll pricexviii li
It iiii lode of Coles pricexxvis
In the yard one plowe with furniture priceiiis iiiid
It Sertayn Tymber wood priceiii li
In the feild vi acres of Rye xviii acres of Barlye & fyve Acres of otes pricexx li
It fortye laydyngs of haye pricexiii li vis viiid
It Seven score & xviii shepp pricelx li
It Thirtye Trays pricexiiis iiiid
Suma huius one hundred Three Score & one pownds and Twelve pence
Fynis Eaton
Suma in Tot Syxe hundred Eyghte pownds & … Shillings

Exhibited 29 September 1595