Blood Edward 1660 of Hickling inventory

Edward Blood of Hickling 1660 Inventory

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/1/27

A true Inventorie hath been taken of all the Goods and Chattels of Edward Blood of Hicklinge in the County of Nottngham yoman the twenty eight daye of Januarye Anno dom 1660

  l s
Imprimis his purse and his Apparrell i  
It the Gallowe tree Fire iron pott hookes and other implements in the Chimney   2
It Pewter and Brasse i x
It Beddinge and Bedstead i  
It One Cowe two heffers and one pigge vi x
It Corne and Fodder 2  
It two sheepe   x
It One hovill Coales and olde wood   viii
It kitts one Sowe and Barrell and other implements       iiii
It one Land of wheate on the grounde   vi
It One Chist   i
[Hole in the paper]   19 12

Apprised by us                 

John Gunthorpe

Henry Browne

John Collington

Exhibited 11 March 1660/1

The inventory is in the hand of John Collington