Bleay Thomas 1706 of Saxelby Will

Thomas Bleay of Saxelby 1706 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1706/111

In the name of god Amen I Thomas Bleay of Saxulby, in the County of Leicester, Clerke being in perfect health of Body (& of sound minde & memory, god be praised) but mindefull of my mortality) do make, ordaine, constitute & appoint this my last will & Testament in manner & form following (Revoaking all other Wills & Testaments whatsoever by mee formerly made, or published)

Inprim my soule I commend to god who gave it & my Body to the earth from whence it was taken, to be Buryed as my Executrix shall thinke meete

And for my worldly goods I dispose of them in manner following

Item I do hereby give & bequeath unto my deare Brother, William Bleay Clerke (vicar of Colston Basset in the County of Nottingham) the summe of one hundred pounds of good & lawfull money of England And I do also hereby give & bequeath unto my beforesaid Brother all the manuscripts which are (or shall be) in my possession (at the time of my death) of what kinde or nature soever they bee whether Common place Bookes paper Bookes of … notes or sermon notes & whether the notes be tied up in Bunches, or be in single papers & whether they be in my Chest, box, or boxes, or in my study or in what soever place they may be found

And I do also give unto my said Brother six Bookes (such as hee shall please to make choise of) out of my Library

Item I do hereby give & bequeath unto my Brother in Law Joseph Travell (of the Burrough of Leicester) Inholder one shillings & to his wife Elizabeth Travell Twenty shillings

Item I give unto my sister in Law Sarah Mucklow Twenty shills

Item I give unto the poore of Saxulby Two pounds To the poore of Nether Broughton Twenty shillings To the poore of Upper Broughton (in the County of Nottingham) Twenty shillings All which summes to be divided amongst the poore of the severall Townes abovesaid by the respective ministers or Curates

Item All the rest of my goods & Chattells I do hereby geve & bequeath unto my deare wife Anne, whom I do hereby make ordaine & appoint to be the Sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament

                                                                                                                Thomas Bleay

Signed, sealed, published and declared (by the said Thomas Bleay) to be his last will & Testament (November the 4th Anno Dom 1684) in the presence of us

Char …

John Marshall

John Brocklesby

You shall Swear that so far as you know or believe this Writing hereunto Annexed Contains the last Will and Testament of Mr Tho: Bleay your late Husband Deced and that you will well and truly Execute and perform the Same and pay his Debts & Legacyes (if any be) so far as his goods will Extend and the Law shall Charge you and that the Inventory (to the best of yr Knowledge) which you now give in is true and that if any more appear which yett you know not of you shall add them to this Inventory and pass an Account of the Adcon herein when thereunto lawfully Called or warn’d

So help you God


An Inventory of the Goods & Chattells of Mr Thomas Bleay late Rector of Saxulby deceased taken the 9th day of January Anno Domini 1706

Imprimis His purse & Apparell050000
It In the Hall Stooles Tables &c030000
It In the first place010104
It In the parlour02108
It In the Kitchin and pantry with the Copr04000
It In the Kitchin Chamber01100
It In the little parlour02150
It In the Cellar Barrells & Bottles01000
It In the great Chamber000
It In the middle Chamber0000
It In the foremost Chamber050100
It His study & Library100000
It In Brass 2 li pewter 5 li070000
It In Coles 5 li Hay 4 li090000
It Three Cows 4 li 10s two Hoggs 50s070000
It A Chest of Linnen050000
It In plate210000
It In Securities & mony1330000
It In old lumber & other things overseen & forgot0010000

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Willm Stephens                 ) Appraisers

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