Blankney Thomas 1582 of Stathern will

Thomas Blankney of Stathern 1582 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1582

In the name of god Amen the xixth daye of Auguste in the yeare of our lorde god a thousand fyve hondirthe eightie & two I Thomas Blankney of Stathern in the cowntie of Leystr husbandman sicke in bodye but of hole & perfect Remembrance thanks to god Almightie Do make this my laste will & testament in manner & forme foloing

Firste I bequeathe my Sowle to Allmightie god the maker of me & All mankynde & my bodye to be buryed in the churche yerde of Statherne if it please god to call me to his … At this present &c

Itm I give & bequeathe to our mother church of Lincolne iid

It I give & bequeathe to Esbell my wife & my Dowghter All my household stufe to be equallye devyded betwixt them except A bedsted A matres A coverlet A payre of shetes A bolster A pillow A pillobere & the beaste brasse pot but one A fallingtable the pot hengells A fyer eirn & ii formes which I will my sonne David shall have …

I will that my wife shall have the cupporde in the hall & my Dowghter shall have the cupporde in the perler

Itm I will that my wife shall have my … … … & when my Dowghter shall acoplishe the Age of xii [sic] yeares my wife shall delyver A cowe of the pryme As they shall be praysed to the use of my Dowghter by the sight of my Supervysors

Itm I will that my wife shall paye to Robert Blankneye & Thomas Blankneye my two eldiste Sonnes xxs Apeece & to be payde At mayday next ensuing

Itm I will that Davythe my sonne shall have my two mares my weyne & weyne geres my plowe & plow geres A cowe & A heefer

& All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto Davithe my sonne which I make my whole executor

Itm I will that Davith my sonne shall give to my iii youngeste sonnes xxs A peece & to Peter my sonne A heffer of three yeres olde to be Reared so sone As he may After he enter to his living

Itm I will that my wife shall … my sonne James A heffer & bring it up till it be three yere olde

Itm I will that my Supervysors shall suffer my wife to occupie my ferme until my sonne David shall accomplished the Age of xxi yeres & that she shall meynteyn A … of … & Also shall plow & sowe one oxgang of lande the same yere that he is to … & Also All the pastuares which aperteynethe to one oxgang of land by the … of my Supervysors & if Any thing be Amis I will that they shall Right it As my feythfull truste is theye will

Also I will that Henry Campinet [?] James Blot & George Willson shall be supervysors of this my last Will & testament & As they shall do I Am content … … of them

Witnessis hearof Henry Campinet [?] … … George Wilson Thomas Allan [?] & Thomas Pe…

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