Blankney Robert 1542 of Ab Kettleby will

Robert Blankney of Ab Kettleby 1542 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1542

In the name of god amen In the yere of … lord mcccccxlii In the xxiiii day of July I Robt Blankney in the paryshe of Ab Keytylbe Syke in body & holle of mynd & remebrans make this my Testament & last wyll as here after folowythe

Fyrst I bequethe my soul to god almyghty & to … blessyd lady & to all the compeny in heyveyne & my body to be buryd in the church yard of Ab Keytylbe

It I be to the hey … iiiid

It I bequethe to the churche ii … after my dessesse

It I bequethe to Thomas Blankney the youngere ii hewys & ii lamys

It I be to Robt Blankney my god sone a lame hoke

The resydew of my godds not gyffyng nor bequethe I wyll that they remayne to Thomas Palfremane and hys wyffe and they to be my full executors to see my wyll dyschargyd

Wyttnes thereof

Wyllm …

Rychard Neytt

Thomas Blankney

Robt Sheppsone