Blankney George 1568 of Stathern will

George Blanknie of Stathern 1568 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/259

In the name of god Amen I George Blanknie of Stathern in the countie of Leic husbandman sicke in bodie but of hole & perfect rembrance thanks be to god do make this my last will and testament in manner & former folowinge

First I beqeith my soule to allmightie god my maker & redemer by whose death & passion I trust to be saved & my bodie to be buried with in the church of Statherne

It I give and bequieth my howsse with a parcel of lande in Plungar felde for ever with all other comodities & profytts lieing & beinge within the towne and felde of Statherne & Plungar unto my eldest sonne George so that my wyffe shall have my howsse & all other profitts before rehersed during her lyffe yf she keep herselfe widow yf not yet I will that she shall have it until my sone do come to the age of xxi yeres

Also I will that if my sonne George do nott live to inherit my land Then I give yt unto my second sonne yf live not then  I give yt to my thirde sonne yf he live nott then I beqieth yt to my fourth sonne And yf yt pleayse gode to call them all Then I bequieth yt unto my dowghter and for lacke of Anie of my owne children I bequieth yt unto the eldest of my brother William Blanknies children

Itm I give and bequieth to my three younger sonns iiii pounds a pece And iiii pounds unto my dowghter to be payde att the age of xxi yeres

All the reste of my goods unbequiethed I give unto my wyffe whom I make my lawfull executrix

Also I will that my brother William Smarte [words to the effect of his being executor are missing] of this my will & for his payns taking he shall have iiis iiiid & his chargis borne whensoever he shall have any occasion to take any paynes for me

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Wittnesses of this my will

George Flower Robert Rowse Nicholas Rowse and Thomas Rowse

Probate 17 September 1568