Bird John 1705 of Saxelby Inventory

John Bird of Saxelby 1705 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/112/53

An Account, or Inventory of the goods & Chattels of John Bird Shepherd (late of Saxulby in the County of Leicester) deceased, with the valew of them; by us whose named are subscribed; as wee adjudged upon view, the 3d day of June 1704

Purse & Apparel0026
In the house   
An old Cubbord, Table, Fourm, Landiron, Racking & hookes00500
Three Small old panns, A little brasse pot, Three small pewter dishes, together   
with 12 pounds of flaxen yarn00900
In the parlour   
Two sorry old Bedds, with their Bedsteds, Two pair of sheets (such as they were)   
Two pillow beares, Two Boulsters, & Three bad pillows, Two bad hillings,   
& A bad Blanket110
In the Chamber   
Two very bad old Coffers, & A bad Chest, & an old bad woollen wheele0026
In the Dairy   
Two small old Barrells, & A Churn, Four panchins & Three pipkins0016
In the pasture & field   
Two Ewes & Lambes0076
One heifer & A bad Calfe126
Three Rudes of pease001100
A Small Land of wheat about A Rude001100
For things forgotten, or unwillingly overseen00100

Attested By us

John Simpsons marke

Thomas Johnson

I have seen the particulars, of above 4L oweing to several persons at the death of the beforesaid John Bird (taking into the Account the small Charges of his Buriall, with the four shills to the Queen)

Witnesse my hand