Binks William 1616 of Scalford Will

William Binckes of Scalford 1616 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1622/10 also PR/T/1624/7

Maye xxiiiith Anis Regis Jacobi Anglie decimo quarto Scotie quadragessimo nono Ano Dni 1616

In the name of god Amen I Willm Binckes of Scalford in the County of Leicester Clarke sicke in body but whole in mynde & of good & perfect memory thanks be to god therefore doe make & ordayne this my last will & testament in manner & forme followinge

First I bequeath my soule to almighty god & my body to buryed at the discretion of my Executrix

Itm I gyve & bequeath to the poore of Scalford xxs

It my further will ys & soe it shalbe my land shalbe sold by Edward Darker & George Bincks and by this my last wyll & testament I gyve them full authority in yt & to sel yt to the best benefit thei can to the behoofe of my wife & children & the discharge of my debts which being soe donne I gyve & bequeath unto Johane my now wife one hundreth pounds & al the linnens, wollans, bedding, bedsteads & other house hold implements she brought to me at her maryage with me

It I gyve unto eyther of her children iii li vis viiid a peece

The rest of my goods & chattles my debts being payd I gyve & bequeath unto my fyve children, Nathanyell Binckes, Willm Binckes, James Binckes, Ann Binckes & Mary Binckes equally to be devyded amongst them as they accomplish the severall ages of  xxity yeares or daye of their marryage of my above sayd dawghters except that Nathanyell Binckes shall have x li more than the rest And the disposinge of them I leave to Edward Darker George Binckes aforesayd & Willm Morrice my brother in Law of whose faithfull & willing dealing hearin I doubt not, Provyded that if any of myne owne chyldren dye before the accomplishing of the former recyted tymes the portion of that Child or those children shalbe equally devyded amongst the rest lyvinge Provided further that if my wife departe this life before she can be possessed of her Legacyes, then her Legacye & the porcons I bequeathed to her children shalbe equally devyded betwixt her three Children & myne by my first wife

It I make & ordayne unto this my last will & testament Johane my nowe wife & George Binckes full executors & for the faithfull Lookinge hearunto I gyve the sayd George xli

It I doe make & constitute Edward Darker & Willm Morrice my brother in Law supervisors to this my last wyll & testament written with myne owne hand & sealed with myne owne seale the day & yeares above written

                                                                                                                By me Wyllm Binckes

Probate 28 May 1616

The inventory is only in PR/R/1624/7

A true Inventory of the goods of Willm Byncke Clarke & vicar of Scalford as thei weare sold by George Binckes his Executor & by Tho Bincks executor of the sayd George Ano dni 1616

Imprimis received of Thomas Chadwickexxiiis xid
For a Geldingx li viiis
For a Calfeliiis ixd
For two horsesiiii li iiis iiiid
For two … kyesiiiis
Of Mr Musson for a yong marev li
For a hovel, a Chamber & … of Mr Barseyv li
For a featherbed, a presse a sheepfat & a hovel of himvi li
Of Gooddecary for do old woodiiis
For four shep skinsixs
For thre kyne & a buttxii li xs
For the Crop & … of Mr Barsycxxx li
More of him for vi swineiiii li
& for 24 treas, … & rakexixs iiiid
More of him for 22 peece of tymberiiii li
& for 9 payre of geares & …xxxiis
More for cocks & hennsliiiis xiid
For a Cow & a heifer of Bark Saleiiii li xiiis iiiid
Of … …liiis iiiid
Of John Darkerv li xixs
For a brandyroniiiid
For 20 sheep of Raph Gilbertvi li xiiis iiiid
Of Wm Pollard for Geesexiis
For malte at … & Barly of Walkeriii li ixs ixd
Of Miles knight for a C…iii li xis viiid
More of him for a bedxviiis
For a pan of … of Burtonviiis
For pancons pippins & a pottxvid
For 6 hens & a cobbiiis iid
For vinegar bottle, a pippin & a basketvid
For a matteris & 3 barrelsviiis xd
For a strike of Barly & a str: of maltvis viiid
For a frying pan, painted cloth & …xiid
For a barrel, a stone trough & a boardiiiis
Of Alce Wilson for a payre of harden shetsiiiis
Of Rich: Byddle for a paynt of har shetsixs vid
Of Barth: Sale for 4 flaxen sheets 4 harden a table cloth & 5 peece of puter & 2 pottesiii li
For 1 str & … of Barlyxs
For 2 payre of stockins of Chadwickvs
For 7 hyves with beesxlviiis
Fowr hybes with bees to Mr Barsyxxxiis
One bedstead & a bolster to Stevensonvis iiiid
One mattrys & a brasse pot to Gamblexxiiis
One mattrys & another pot to …vs xid
More to him a chaire & two sheetsixs viiid
Fower sheets to Bartho: Salexxxiiis iiiid
A brase pott & a posnet to John Hallxxiiis iiiid
Wood to Mr War…xxxs
Of Watkin recii li xixs
For a horsevii li xixs xid
For a fetherbedxls
For two tubsxxiiiis
Of Mr Barsey for woodvis viiid
Of Geo: Wollaton for a brast potviiis
For two sheep cribsiis
Eight sheets to Lodvyck Kempexxxs
More to him a flitch of Baconxiiiis
More for thre … lambesxis vid
One mattrys to Edw: Leversxs
Of Ellen Fostardexiiiis
For a bible of John Smithvis viiid
For a bole of Wm Smarteviid
Of Levers for another mattrisvs
For a forke of Edw Barseyvid
Of Wm Smarte for a mattrisviiis vid
More of him for 2 strike of Barleyvix viiid
Of Jo: Robinson for 2 barrelsiiiis iiiid
Of Jo: Darker one flitch of baconxiis
Of Edw: Darker a bone frank & grinding stonexiis
More for a flitch of Baconxiiis
Of Henry Baxter for a Mattrisvis viiid
One Red Cowe & two swyneiii li xs
Goods sold by Jane & Thomas Bink after the death of George abovesd 
Two brasse pans to … wifexs vid
3 mattresses & 3 bolstersxis
One hovel to Gabriel Barnardsiis
Wood sold to Mr Barseyxxvis
2 peecs of wood to Barth: Salexs
To Egar wife 2 chaires, 2 cushions & a payre of bellowsiis
One table to Wm Pollardxxd
A peale to Dafte wifeviiid
Puter & brasse & a trusse bed & a … to Egar wifexls
To Ellen Middleton blankets by Jane & Thomas aforesdixs
To Raph Frisbey one bed hillingxviis
To Robinsons wife 2 coverletsxxs
To Rych: Awood a coverlet & a chesrakxvis
To Ellen Middleton a coverletiis iiiid
To Brey wife a barrellsviiid
To Tho: Killingh a tubb & a boad & a pealeiiiis vid
To Brewton … a tubbxiid
Two boeards to Tho: Mannsfeildxiid
To Eliz. Musson two blanketsxiiis
To Emm Musson a Cofferiiis
Two kine atx li xs
Two kyne moreiiii li
 ccxxxvii li viiis iiid