Berry William 1558 of Scalford Will

William Berry of Scalford 1558 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1558/42

There is a very small amount of the right-hand side of this will that is torn/worn away and it is also suffering a little from water damage on that side

In the name of god amen The xth day of February in the yeare of our Lord [damage, probably “god one thousand”] fyve hundreth fyfte and viii I Wyllm Berry of Scalford in the Countie of Leceter … [damage] thys my laste wyll and testament in manner and forme folowyng

Fryst [sic] I bequethe my Sowle to god almighty and my body to be buryed in the churche yeard

Itm I gyve to the mother churche of Lyncole [sic] iiiid

Itm I gyve to Isbell my wyffe and to Wyllm my sone the occupacyon of my farme … … as yt ys [damage] longe as they to can agre and have the good wyll of bothe my landlord but yf my wyffe marry then I will she have the thyrde parte of my goods and yf my sone Wyllm do marry and my wyffe wyll not marry but keep herselfe wydow I wyll she have my farme styll in occupacyon so that she wyll take Jhon my sone to her

Itm I wyll that yf my sone Wyllm do marry then I wyll hym to have hys chyldes part [hole about three words long] of my goods as hys mother and he shall thynke moste meatt so that the … be not broken

Itm I wyll that he have besydes hys chylds part xls to be payd in mony or in other thyngs that may be beste sparyd

Itm I wyll that Wyllm my sone shall have Syslee my yonggest dawtter in hys governance and to have her parte wither to use at hys descrecyon as he shall thynke meat for her behofe

Itm I wyll my sone Wyllm to have my to steers and for them I wyll hym to paye unto my brother Robertt Berry xxvs wyche I owe unto my brother Robertt Berry

The Reste of my goods my detts payde and my wyll performed I gyve to Isbell my wyffe and Wyllm Berry my sone whom I make my Executors of thys my laste wyll to use them to the proffytt of all the Rest of my chyldern

Itm I wyll and desyer Wyllm Carpenter to be my Supervysor of thys my laste Wyll to over se them and I wyll to be rulyd after his cownsell in all thyngs according to the [damage]

Wytnesses Hugh Musson John Nobell Wyllm Astell

An Invetory mayd the vth day of Marche of all the goods and cattell of Wyllm Berry

Itm fryste [sic] in the hall a folden tabull i forme ii chayers with other stoles and a ambrie the 
hanging of the hall of paynted clotheviiis
Itm ii mattryssys i bowster ii pyllowes ii hold coverlets ii hold coveryngs iii bedstedsvs
Itm ii payer of flaxen sheets ii payer of harden sheets i bordclothe i towel ii payer of 
hempen sheetsxvis
Itm ii brasse pootts a brasse pane and ii kettyllsviiis
Itm iiii pewter dyshes i Sawser ii candelstykes I chafyng dysheiiis
Itm a skome a ladyll with other treen warexiid
Itm ii spytts a frying pane a brand iron a payer of poott hokesiiis
Itm on leade to brew with all a mashefatt a gyldefattiiiis
Itm v draught horses a fylly of … yeares old a nother fylly of a yeariiii li
Itm vi kye iiii calves i Hereford of a yeare oldv li
Itm ix shype atxiiis iiiid
Itm on cartte withe geres for the same the plowe with the plow gerese and the 
plowe tymber with all other thynges ther to belonggyngxls
Itm iiii akers of barlee iiii akers of beans and pease for to be sowenliiis iiiid
Itm all the haye in the yeard atxxs
Sum totalisxvii li xvis viiid