Berry Ralph 1633 of Scalford Will

Ralph Berry of Scalford 1633 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1633/36

In the name of God Amen the 26th day of February Ao Dom 1632 I Ralph Berry of Scalford being sicke of bodie but of good and perfect memorie (God be praised therefore) doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following That is to say

First I give and bequeath my soule to God my Creator hoping assuredly in and through The merits of Jesus Christ my all sufficient Saviour and only Redeemer to be partaker of life everlasting And my bodie I bequeath to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buryed in Christian buriall in the Churchyard of Scallford aforesaid at the discretion of my Executor

And for those worldly goods wherewith God hath indowed my I doe dispose of them in manner and forme following That is to say

First I give and bequeath unto my brother in law Edward Morris & his children twelve pence apeice

And to my brother in law Wm Clarke his sonne Thomas Clarke & his wife & their childe Wm Clarke twelve pence apeice

Itm I give and bequeath to my brother in law Hugh Berrie & my sister Alice Berrie their five children Marie Anne Elizabeth William and Alice Berrie to each of the sayd five children Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, William and Alice foure pounds to be payd unto every of them as they shall accomplish their severall ages of one and twenty years: & if any of them happen to die before the said age of 21 yeares the part of that childe or of those children departed in their minority shall come to the other of them which shall happen to be alive

Itm the rest of my goods cattells and chattells unbequeathed I doe hereby give and bequeath them all wholy unto my brother in law Hugh Berrie whom I doe make Constitute and appointe to be my Sole and only executor (my funerall Charges being defrayed and the legacies aforenamed being also first payed and discharged)

And thus revokeing all former wills and testaments heretofore by me made I doe by these presents make and ordaine this to be my last will and testament

Wittnes my hand & seale hereunto put the day and yeare first above written

                                                                                                                Raffe Berry

Sealed delivered & published in the presence of

Edw Bardsey

John Musson

Probate 3 May 1633


A true and perfect Inventorie of all the goods cattell & chattells of Ralph Berrie late of Scallforde in the County of Leicester deceased taken and made the third day of Aprill Anno Dom 1633 by Thomas Howitt and John Musson

Imprimis his purse girdle and apparell040000
Itm in the house or hall one cubberd, one table, one penne, one chayre, one   
forme, one fier iron, two frogges, one paire of tongues, some pott hookes &   
certaine boards that floar the chamber of the house001304
Itm in the parlour Three bedsteads, & the mattrices, and the coverliddes   
& other furniture to them belonging011304
Itm three coffers and sixe small barrells or firkins with the thrall they stand   
Itm in the chamber over the parlour one cheesehecke, one shelfe, three tubes,   
one chourme two oatemeale skeppes & two boards for cheeses001000
Itm in the Kitchin one paire of Quernes one loade of coles, sixe panshins   
& two bowles010000
Itm one pott one panne one candlestick & two pieces of pewter000608
Itm foure bacon flickes010608
Itm A parcel of wheate and a peice of a hovell of barley, with the hovell it   
standeth upon, & a cansh of pease in the stackyard, a cansh of hay, one sacke   
of barley winnowed, & some more in the chaffe070000
Itm sixe sackes one window cloth foure sives, one hopper, and two scuttles001000
Itm in the stable the racke the manger the scaffolde over the stable, the plough   
timber over the stable one drye tubb and certaine axell trees001000
Item five draughte horses and mares130000
Itm one fillie and one foale020000
Itm one horse solde at050304
Itm foure kine three yearlings & one at stake090000
Itm five swine hogges020000
Itm two cartes & the Carte Geares030000
Itm three ploughes five harrowes, & the plough geares & other implements   
belonging to the plough010000
Itm the hovell under which the kine doe stand, and the hovell under which   
the cartes doe stand, one grindle stone, three swine troughes, and some other   
wood in the yard010000
Itm the cropp of two yard land of grasse and of corne or graine sowen or to   
be sowen261304
Itm the Compase in the yarde001000
Itm some folde fleakes a hors trough a bucket and the chaines000400
Itm for some other odd implements about the house & the yarde which may   
be forgotten000206
So the sum tot of this Inventory is811202
Forth of which summe deduct that be owed unto Hugh Berrie by bond   
10 l & other wayes 7 l so in tot deduct by debt170000
Then the Inventory of Ralph Berries goods by Rest comes even to641202