Bernard Gabriel 1640 of Scalford Will

Gabriel Bernard of Scalford 1640 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1640/138

In the name of God Amen January the 31th Ao Dom 1639 I Gabriell Bernard of Scalford in the County of Leicester husbandman beinge sickly of Body but of good & perfect memory (God be praysed therefore) doe ordayne this my Last will & Testament in manner & forme followinge

This is to say first I give & bequeave my soule to allmighty God my Creatour hopeinge & verily assuring my selfe through Gods mercy & the onely merits of Christ my onely saviour & redeemer to be partaker of life everlastinge

And my body I bequeathe to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in Christian Buriall in the Church or Churchyard of Scalford aforesayd at the discretion of my Executrix & for the worldly goods where with it hath pleased God to endow me with I doe despose of them in manner & forme followinge

That is to say I devise & it is my will that Alice my wife shall satisfie & pay all my debts forth of my goods & estate & afterwards the rest & residue of all my Goods & estate whatsoever I doe hereby wholly & soley give & bequeath to Alice my wife whome I doe make the sole & onely Executrix of me & of this my Last will & Testament for the maintenance of her selfe & raysinge of Portions to be given to my Children according to her discretion provided that first my funerall Charges be defrayed & defaulked out of my estate

And thus revoking all former wills by me made whatsoever I doe constitute & appointe this to be my Last will & Testament wittnesse my hand & seale here unto putt the day & year first above written

                                                                                                                The marke & seale of Gabriell Bernard

Published & declared in the presence of

Robert Kirkby

Debts which I owe

Imprimis by Bond to Mr … Bardsey five poundes & a noble

Item to Widdow Pares five Poundes by Bond

Item to William Smyth of Scallford by Bond five Poundes

Item to John Shelton seaven Pounds & sixe shillings by Bond beside …

Item to Widdow Frances two Pounds Tenn Shillings by Bond

Item to Thomas Daft by Bond thirtie Shillinges & odd

Item to Mr Bidles sixe Pounds without Bond

Probate 9 March 1640/1


A true & iust Inventory of all the Goods Cattell & Chattells of Gabriell Bernard late of Scallford in the County of Leicester deceased husbandman taken May the 13th Ao Dom 1640 by

Simon Stevenson

Thomas …

Imprimis his Purse Aparrell & Girdle168
A table with the frame & forme a bench & a little fall table0100
Item an old Cubert & a Pen, stooles & Chayres0100
Item Backon100
Item fire irons, hooks, a Gallitree & 2 spitts050
Item a brasse Pan one pott & 3 little kettells150
Item in the Parlour   
Two Bedsteads & bedinge upon the two Bedsteads300
Item two Coveringes 2 blankets 4 Pillowes & 2 pieces of Cloth300
Item another little Bed & bedinge0100
Item four Chests0134
Item 3 payr of flaxen sheets 7 Pillowbeares 4 Napkins 3 Towells 2 tablecloths2100
Item 2 payre of hempton Sheets & 3 payre of hardinge Sheets168
Item a Cubert0160
Item 11 peeces of Pewter 6 Sawcers 6 Spoones & a Salt & 5 Candlesticks116
Item in the Buttery   
Four Barrells 2 Churnes & other milking vessell100
Itm in the Chamber over the Parlour   
A Bedstead, woole, Cheese & Cheese racke & other necessaries in the Chamber300
Itm 2 Bottells & other small things020
In the kitchinge 4 Peales & an Iron & other small thinges054
In the Chamber over the kitchinge   
Maute & Pease & 4 tubs and kimnells & other necessaries368
Itm in the Barne   
Corne & Straw 2 Ploughs & 3 harrows268
Itm hay & other straw100
Itm Seaven … & three Calves1800
Itm five Mares2000
Itm in the yard   
A hovell & Cart & straw & wood168
Itm tenn Swine little & bigg200
In the field   
Thirty Sheepe & sheepe …7134
Itm the Crop of Corne & Grasse3200
Item old Iron & thinges unnamed & forgotten    0100
The Somme totall is one hundred & tenn Pounds three Shillinges & ten pence110310