Beeston Thomas 1727 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Beeston of Long Clawson 1727 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1727

In the Name of God Amen, I Thomas Beeston of Claxton alias Long Clawson in the County of Liester Iron Monger roper Being Sick and weak in body, but of perfect minde and Memory, and Knowing that it is apointed for All men once to Dye do Make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in Manner & form following

First and principally I Commit My Soul into the hand of Allmighty God My only Saviour hopeing for a pardon for all my Sins, and My Body to the Ground, and as My temporall things I Dispose of them in Manner & form following

Imprimus: My Will and minde is, that My Loving wife Sarah Beeson [sic] shall have holde and Enjoy for and Dureing her Natural Life, the house and part of the Mill, and all My goods Cattle and Chattles whatsoever (if in Case She keeps her self a widdow, and after her Discease I give to My Eldest Son Thomas Beeson My house and all appertances theirto belonging, to him and his Heirs for Ever

Itam I give unto My Son Samuel My part of the West Mill to him his Heirs and Assigns for Ever, But if in Case my Wife should Marry again My Will and Meaning is, That My Son Thomas, and My Son Samuell Beeston shall Enter upon the sd house and part of the Mill at the Age of one & twenty years

Itam I give to My Yonger Son John The Sum of fifteen pounds

Itam I give to My Eldest Daughter Elizabeth the Sum of five pound

Itam I give to My Daughter Sarah the Sum of five pound, all to be paid them at the Age of one and Twenty years, if my Wife Marry again, but is She keeps her Self Widdow, I Leave All my Goods Cattle and Chattles to her Disposeing, Excepting the house and the Mill

And Lastly I do Make and Apoynt My Loving Wife Sole Execquetrix of this My Last Will and Testament hereby Revoking all formour wills and Testaments by Me Made at any time heretofore

In Wittnes whereof I have hereunto Set My hand and seal the Eighteenth day of May in the thirteenth year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord George by the grace of God of Great Brittan France and Ireland King Defender of the faith Anno Dom 1727

                                                                                                         Thomas Beeson [sic]

Sign’d Sealed published and Declared to be the Last will and Testament of the above sd Thomas Beeson in the presence of us

Thomas Burroughs

Henry Hebb

The mark of Mary Price

Probate 7 June 1727

A True and perfect Inventory of all the Goods Cattel and Chattles of Thomas Beeson Ironmonger Roper of Clawson In the County of Leicester Deceased the first Day of June Anno Domini 1727and apprised the Eighth Day of the Same by us whose Names are her Subscribed

  £ s d
Imp His Purse and Apparel 01 10 00
Item Shop Goods and Money in the Shop book 02 10 00
Hemp Ropes Heckels and Lumber 03 02 06
Item In the Chimney Corner fire Iron hooks and One Chair      
and other Lumber 00 05 06
Item Goods in the House three Tables five Chairs 00 07 06
Brass Pewter and other Small things 01 17 06
Item In the Parlour two bedsteads and beding 01 10 00
Three Coffers, one Chest, two boxes 00 09 00
In the buttery Panshions, kitts and other Lumber 00 07 00
In the Chamber one bedstead and other things 00 05 00
The Mair 04 10 00
Two Cows and two Heifers 07 10 00
Two year old Calves two rearing Calves 02 10 00
Six Sheep 01 19 00
Crop upon Ground and Clots 10 00 00
Item Things unseen and forgotten 00 04 00
  38 17 00

Henry Marriott

John Moore

Henry Hebb