Baxter Thomas 1670 of Wycomb Inventory

Thomas Baxter of Wycomb 1670 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 44’28/1322/117

An Inventory of the Goods of Thomas Baxter Senior of Wikeham deceased upon the 27th day of January Anno Domini 1670 taken by us Richard Closse & John Lovitt    

Imp in the Hall foure brasse pans001500
Itm an old Aumbrye000106
Itm one Cheare & three Stooles000100
Itm two kitts one Churne and a sileing dish000106
Itm two pewter dishes three flagings 3 Candlesticks one salt seller & a sauser000706
Itm one flaskitt with some other small things000008
In the parler   
Imp one tub & 3 barrells & A thrall000706
Itm one Bedstead & beding001000
Itm one Cheare with other Small things000006
In the Chamber   
Imp 2 bedsteds one Arke one Coffer with some other things000500
In the Kitching   
Imp 3 tubs & a thrall & a stoole with other things000406
Item one …0026
The whole sum  2172

Bond, bound Margaret Baxter widow of Wycomb and Chadwell and James Bullard labourer of Wycomb and Chadwell 28 January 1670, condition bound Margaret Baxter relict and administratrix of Thomas Baxter late of Wycomb and Chadwell intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Margarett Baxter her marke

                                                                                                                Signum Jacobi Bullard