Barlow Robert 1870 of Hose will

Robert Barlow of Hose 1870 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives DE 462/13

This is the last Will and Testament of me Robert Barlow of Hose in the County of Leicester Farmer

First I direct all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses to be fully paid

I Give and bequeath all my personal Estate and Effects of whatsoever nature or kind the same may consist of at the time of my decease unto my two friends John Harrison of Langar Grange in the County of Nottingham Farmer and Edward Cunnington of Barleythorpe in the County of Rutland Farmer their Executors Administrators and assigns to and upon the several trusts hereinafter expressed

I give and bequeath the Legacy or sum of Three hundred Pounds and Also what Furniture may at the time of my decease be in the Great Parlour and two front chambers under my daughter Mary Jane Barlow absolutely

And as to all the remainder of my personal Estate and Effects I direct my said Trustees above named or the Survivor of them or the Executors Administrators and assigns of such Survivor to permit and suffer my Wife Jane Barlow and my Son John Barlow to have the free use and enjoyment thereof for the purpose of carrying on my farm for their joint and equal benefit and support during the life time of my said Wife and from and immediately after the death of my said Wife Then I Give and bequeath the whole of such remaining personal Estate and Effects unto my said Son John Barlow his Executors administrators and assigns absolutely Provided nevertheless and I do hereby expressly direct that in case my said Wife and Son cannot agree to live together Then and in that case I Give and bequeath unto my said Wife immediately upon such separation the legacy or sum of Thirty Pounds and also such furniture as may at the time of my decease (of which an Inventory at that time shall be taken) be in the little Parlour and little Chamber adjoining And also in the event of such separation as aforesaid I do likewise give and bequeath unto my said Wife one annuity or yearly sum of Thirty Pounds during the Term of her natural life without any deduction whatsoever and to be paid to her by my said Son by four equal quarterly payments the first payment thereof to be made at the expiration of three calendar months from the time my said Wife and Son shall separate as aforesaid and I do hereby subject and charge all my said personal Estate and Effects with the joint and true payment of the aforesaid Legacies and annuity and subject thereto I do hereby give the residue of my said personal Estate unto my said Son John Barlow his executors administrators and assigns absolutely

And lastly I do hereby appoint the said John Harrison and Edward Cunnington Trustees and Executors of this my Will

In witness whereof I the said Robert Barlow have to this my last Will set my hand this nineteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty one

                                                                                                         Robert Barlow

Signed and acknowledged by the said Robert Barlow as his Will in the presence of us present at the same time and who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses

EHM Clarke Melton Mowbray

J Miles Melton Mowbray

At Leicester on the fifth day of July 1870 Administration with the Will annexed of the personal estate and effects of Robert Barlow late of Hose in the County of Leicester Farmer deceased who died on the sixth day of March 1869 at Hose aforesaid was granted to John Barlow Son of the deceased the Residuary Legatee named in the said Will he having been first sworn John Harrison and Edward Cunnington the Executors and Residuary Legatees in trust named in the said Will having renounced the Probate and execution thereof and Jane Barlow Widow Wife of the deceased one of the Residuary Legatees during her life named in the said Will having died in the life time of the said deceased

Under £80