Barke William 1617 of Stathern will

William Barke of Stathern 1617 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/239/20

In the name of God Amen The twentie daye of April in the yeare of our Lord God 1617 Witnesseth that I Willyam Barke of Stathorne husbandman being sicke in bodye but of memory whole and perfect praysed be Allmightie God doe ordaine and make this my Last will & Testament in manner and forme as followeth

Fyrst I commend my Soule to Allmightie god my maker & Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer & my Bodye to be buryed in the Churchyard of Stathorn aforesayd

Item I give to my sonnes John Barke or Thomas Barke my whole estate in Harbye & Harbye feelds and if my sonne Willyam Barke doe refuse to let his brother John or Thomas whether of them it bee quietly in Joye that parte of Land or howse which is his by right in Harbye then I give to one them my freehould land which I bought of John Rowse of Stathorne in the feelds of Stathorne aforesayde & the same to enter on when the yunger of them which is Thomas shall … to the age of on & twentie yeares & likewise my will and mynde is that which of these my towe sons John or Thomas be thought in the deschreshon of there unckells which is Richard Henson of Kerke Cropwell Francis Sumner of Botesforth & L… Robinson of Coulston Basit the best thought of that foresayd howse & Land at the time of entrance my will is the same shall have it and to give to his brother which hath not the land whether it be John or Thomas thirtie pounds

Item I Give to my daughter Kathern Barke thirtie pounds to be payde at the day of her marriage & moreover I give unto her ten pounds worth of howshould stufe to be valued by towe of the neighbours the on to be chosen by the sayd Cathern at the time of her marige

Item I give to my sone Michaell Barke thertie pownd to be payde him when he shall cum to the age of one & twentie yeares

Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Barke thertie pounds to be payd unto her when she shall cum to the age of one and twentie yeares & likewise to have at the same time five pownd in howshould stufe

Item I give to my sonne Mathew Barke thertie pownds when he shall cum to the age of on and twentie yeares … … my will and mynde is if Anye of these my Chilldren dye before they cum to the age of resceving there partes that then there partes soe unpayde shalbe equally devided amongst them all

Item I doe appoint and ordaine Willyam my sonne to be my full Executor of this my Last will and Testament

In witnes hereof I have Caused this my present Testatment to be Redd in the presensce of George Dixson Richard Wittycare


George Dixon

Richard Whitticare [his mark]

Probate 2 May 1617