Banks Henry 1586 of Saxelby Will

Henry Banks of Saxelby 1586 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicester Register Books 24 Will number 18

In the name of god Amene the xviith daie of the moneth Auguste in the yeare of our lord god 1586 and in the yeare of the Raigne of our Soverigne Ladie Elizabeth bie the grace of god of Englande Frannce & Ireland Queen Deffender of the faithe &c The twentie eighte I Henrie Bankes of Saxulbey in the Countie of Leic: Clarke and parsone of the same churche beinge sicke in bodie throwe godes visitacon but in good and perfecte remembrance (praised be god) doe make this my last will and Testament, in maner and forme followeinge

First I bequieathe my soule to allmightie god, who gave yt, trusting assuredlie to be savede, bie the merits deathe and passion of our Lord and savioure Jesus Christe onelie, and my bodie to be buried in the Church yearde of Saxulbee a forsaide

It I gyve to the mother churche of Lincoln xiid

Itm I gyve to the Church of Bebye xxs

Itm I gyve to the churche of Humberstone xs and to Barkbie churche vs and to Barrowe churche vs

Itm I gyve Ypstocke to be devidede amongest the poore xs

Itm I gyve to everie poore cotcher in Beebe one stricke of Barley

It I gyve to everie poore cottier in Saxulby xiid

It I gyve to the poore of Leic Towne v li to be distributede to them bie the advise of Mr Maior, and the Chamberlayns

Itm I gyve to the prysoners in the Countrie Joall vs

It I gyve to the old hospitall or beedhouse in Leic xxs to be distributede amongest the beadmen bie the advyse of there governour, and to be paide to them so sone as coveniyentlie it maye be made

Itm I gyve to Jerman Walton a beadman of the same olde hospital xxs to be paide to him everie weeke weeklye vid untill it be come up and if god call him awaie out of this worlde before it be come upe, I will that which remaynethe be paide to the prisoneers of the Countrie goale in Leic and in licke maner untill the said Some of xxs bee come uppe

Itm I gyve to the new hospital or Beadhouse in Leic xs to be distributede amongeste the poore Beadmen

Itm I gyve to old Mackley my brother in lawe xs

Itm I gyve and bequythe to everie one of theis maryed parsons namely Willm Moore, Frances Stubbes, John Waltone Richarde Butery Robte Hoore, Edward Ryley and Henry Cowell my kynsmen to everie one of them tenne poundes to be paide and deliverede to them as it comethe upe to the handes of my Executors by the comeinge uppe of the Date or tyme of my Bills of Debte

It I will that my seaven silver spoones be distributede and gyven to these seventh persons namelie Willm Moores wiffe one to John Waltons wiffe, one to Francis Stubbes wiffe, one to Robte Hoores wiffe, one to Henry Cowells wiffe, one to Edward Ryleys wife, and to Richard Butteries wiffe one

It I will that all the rest of my houshold stuffe be devyded equally amongst seventh persons namely Willm Moore, Frances Stubbes, John Walton, Rychard Buttery, Robert Hoore, Edward Roylye & Henry Cowell

Itm I give to Arthur Mackley xx li and adition to my will

Itm I gyve to Syr Conde my Curat x li

Itm I gyve and bequeathe to Mary Trafforde my made servante vi li xiiis iiid

Itm I gyve and bequeathe to Izabell … my maide servante iii li vis viiid

Itm I gyve and bequeathe to noble my sheeparde xls

Itm I gyve to Sr Thomas Blacknall xiiis iiiid

The rest of all my goods unnamede and unbequeathede as my corne and cattell I will to be equallie devidede amongst theis forenamede maryed kynsmen and kynsweemen that is to wytt my systers children, and my Executors to have no more then one of them have

And my Executors I doe ordayne and appoynte Willm Moore Frannces Stubbes and John Walton, and Tho: Wilson vicar of Humberston I doe appoynte the supervisor and overseer of this my Laste will and Testamente that my goodes be faithfullye and trulie distributede & deliverede according to my will, & to have for his paynes 3s

In wyttnes hereof I the testator have Sett to my hande the daye and yeare above written

                                                                                                                By me Henry Bancks

Theis beinge wytnesses

Tho: Wilson wyttnes Willm Bonde Willm Hutchinson marke

Probate 8 October 1586


A true Inventory of all the goods & cattle of Henry Bankes parson of the rectorye of Saxulbey late decessed made & preysed by these men, namely Wyllm Bonnd, Wyllm Hutchynson & John Morrys with others

Inprimis his money & gold and his bookescxx li
Item his purse & his apparellv li
Itm in the hall a table & two formesiiis
Itm in the parlar, a table, a bedstedd, three cofers, foure stooles and a chearexxiiis iiiid
Itm tenne stonne of wooleiii li
Itm three bed covering, two coverleddes two blanketts & three fether beddesv li
Itm foure payre of flaxen sheyts & ix payre of harden sheitslvis
Itm two pillowes 4 boulsters, two table clothes, sixe table napkinsxis iiiid
Itm foure bedsteddsxviiis iiiid
Itm two potts, two pannes, a posnett & a chafingdishexxxs
Itm foure platters, two puter dyshes, five porryngers one saucerxiis
Itm in the buttery a save, three barrells & a geyling fattxiiis
Itm in the kitchyn two spytts two cobberds, two fyre yrons a payre of tongues, a payre of bellowes, 
two pott hookes & a fyre shovelxiis
Itm a frying panne & a cressetiis
Itm a lead, two cowls, three peyles, thre kymnyles a stryke two troughes, a cheise presse & a hemp 
Itm a shepefatt, 3 peces of wood, 12 sparres with other old woodxviiis viiid
Itm foure horsesvii li
Itm six kyne & foure calfesxii li
Itm fyftye sheepe & eight lambesv li xiis
Itm three cartesiii li
Itm a … of haye, two hoffells, & twenty foure hurdlesiiii li xiis iiiid
Itm tenne Swynexlvis viiid
Itm three wyndowing clothes, viii sackes, & two rookes of colesxxiiiis viiid
Itm in the stable, cart geers, racke, manger with other wood in the stable & two leathersxiiis iiiid
Itm foure quarters of malt & a heyre clotheiiii li xiiis iiiid
Itm foure acres of barley & three acres & a halfe of peisev li
Itm six cusshynnes & eight sylver sponesxliiiis viiid
Itm a certayne of pales, one cocke & sixe hennes, a saddle & brydlexiiis
Detts owing to Henry Bankes 
Inprimis Wyllm Cootl li
Willm Gregoryexl li
Itm Thomas Tooleyxl li
Itm Wyllm Hutchynsonxl li
Itm Willm Worshipxx li
Itm Frannces Byckertonvii li xs
Itm Nycholas Granenerxx li
Itm Wyllm Freemanxx li
Itm Thomas Hickelyngvi li
Itm John Walker of Leicesterii li viiis
Itm John Morrysxx li
Itm Rychard Gamblexxs
Itm Wyllm Trussellx li
Itm Robert Nycolesxx li
Itm Robert Gessonls
Itm Mr Willm Ashbeyxx li
Itm John Cowellv li
Itm Mrs Rydingelxxx li
Itm Bartylmew Broxbeyiiii li
Itm Wyllm Moorexl li
Itm Frannces Stubbsxxx li
Itm John Waltonxx li
Itm Robert Hoorex li
Itm Edward Rylyex li
Itm Henry Cowellx li
Summa totaldcc li 9s 8d