Baker Robert 1543 of Eaton Will

Robert Baker of Eaton 1543 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1543/26

In the name of god Amen The xixth daie of October in the yeyr of our lord god mcccccxliii I Robert Baker of good And perfyte memory make my testament And last wyll In fourme And manner as here folowethe

Fyrst I bequeythe my soull to Almyghty god to our lady Sent Mary And to all the celestyall company of heyvyn And my boddy to be bureyde in the cheurche of Sent Guthlake of Eyton

Also I bequeythe to the vicar to praye for me iiis iiiid

Also I bequeythe to the cheurche of Eyton iiis iiiid

Also I bequeythe to the mother cheurche of Lyncolne iiiid

Also I bequeythe to Wantary cheurche viiid

Also I bequeythe to Gawdeby cheurche viiid

Also I bequeythe to Estwall cheurche viiid

Also I bequeythe to Stakthorne cheurche viiid

Also I bequeythe to Braunston cheurche viiid

Also I bequeythe for ii trentallys xxs

Also I bequeythe to everyon of my god chylder iiiid

Also I bequeythe to every poure boddy in the towne at the daie of my burryeng A penny

Also I bequeythe to Alys Hewarddyn wyffe iis

Also I bequeythe to Augustyne Hewarddyn viiid

Also I bequeythe to Elyis [?] Hewarddyn viiid

Also I bequeythe to Wyllm my sone fyve markes to George fyve markes to Robert fyve markes to Alys fyve markes to Elezabeth fyve markes to Margaryt fyve markes to Jone fyve markes to Izabell fyve markes

The resydew of my goodes unbequeytheyd I gyve And bequeythe them to Izabell my wyffe And to John my sone whom I make my full executoures And they to dyspose them for the helthe of my soull As they thynke best

Wytnes by Thomas Walker the vycar Thomas Wryght Wyllm Tomblyn with other moo

Thys is the tru Inventory of the goodes of Robert Baker of Eyton lately dyscessed praysed by iiii honest men Wyllm Read Thomas Tomson Symond Bealy Hew Kyllyngley And John Harbarde the Apparitour

In the Alle 
In primis on table on fourme on haumbre ii cheyres vi coshynesviiis viiid
In the parlar 
Itm iiii payer of flaxyn shetes And vi payer of hardyn shetesxviis
Itm iii harkesiiis
Itm iii standing beddesxiid
Itm ii coverleyts And on mattrisvis viiid
Itm on gowyn ii iakeyts ii dobeleyts on payer of housexxs viiid
In the kechyn 
Itm ii brase pottsiiiis
Itm iii panesixs
Itm the pewder vessellvs
Itm ii bruyng tubbes And ii leydesiiis
Itm on … on payer of … payer of tonges And on payer of pott hookesxviiid
Itm on spenyng wele And on hen penviid
Itm ii pott hengylles And on lanndourn of yron to heng them onxiid
Itm iiii candellstykesiiis
In the yarde 
Itm ii horse vi oxyn vi mylche kyev li
Itm vi swynexs
Itm A … of wollxlvis viiid
Itm the corne in the barnevi li xiiis iiiid
Itm ii weynes ii plowes with all thyngs perteyning to themxxvis viiid
Itm on hovyll of wode with the wode in the yardevis viiid
Itm the fould of treys And ii …iiis iiiid
Itm the heyxxs
In the feylde 
Itm iii score shepeiii li
Itm on Aker of weyetiiiis
Itm ii Akers of ryevis
Sumxxiiii li ixs